Greeley-Evans School District 6 Health Services

  • Health Services Mission:

    Our mission is to increase student achievement by supporting the education of all students through prevention and accommodation of health related barriers to learning. We strive to maintain the physical, mental and social health of children so they can benefit maximally from their educational opportunities.  We also try to assist students to develop positive health attitudes and practices so that they can assume responsibility for their own health after leaving the school community.

    Who Are We?

    • Health Services consists of 38 Health Clerks and 20 School Registered Nurse Consultants who work together in District 6 schools to help support children's needs.
    • School Health Clerks are the main care-givers in health offices in all district and charter schools.
      • They perform first aid and provide TLC for ill children, give medications, conduct health screenings, and maintain immunization records and health records along with many other responsibilities. 
      • Health Clerks have taken a health clerk training course and have yearly CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, and other trainings as needed for specific student health needs.
    • School Registered Nurse Consultants work as a team with school health clerks, school administration and staff to provide physical, mental, and social support to help children learn. 
      • School Registered Nurse Consultants are required to have a Bachelor of Science - Nursing degree and have obtained School Nurse licensure through CDE.
      • School Nurses are responsible for preparing written plans of care, documenting health histories, providing support for students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Section 504 plans, delegating medication administration and various medical procedures to unlicensed personnel who provide care for students in our schools, and assisting with health education units.  They monitor communicable diseases and plan for emergencies in the school setting.  School registered nurses are available at all times for consultation on health emergencies or concerns. 
    2023-24 Health Services Team
    (Photo of Health Services Staff)
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