Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are Achieve Summer Academic classes being held?Qmark
A: All Achieve Summer Academic classes will be held at:    

Northridge High School 
100 71st Avenue
Greeley, CO 80634
Q: How do you register for Achieve Summer Academy classes?

A: For Face to Face Offerings
 Registration for the face to face classes can be completed in the following methods:
  •      Through the Success Coaches and counselors at each school April 17- May 25. After registering, students will receive a payment form or scholarship form from the counselors.    
  • Beginning April 17, registration for all classes may be completed online at Additionally, scholarship forms can be completed at this website.

For Online Offerings

Registration for the Achieve Summer Academy Online Program will be conducted through the ENG@GE Online Academy registrar at or 970-348-6262.

Q: How much do these classes cost?
A:Tuition for credit bearing courses will be $125.00 per .5 credit or $250.00 for a year-long course. Tuition for non-credit bearing courses will vary. 

How will payment be collected?

·        Tuition payments will be collected between May 14-18. Check, cash or credit card payments will be accepted. Please bring registration form and payment to:

A:  Payment in full is required before summer classes begin.Payments for online course offerings and face to face offerings may be accepted via the following methods:
Greeley School District 6
Administration Building 4th Floor
Attn: Renee Fleecs
1025 9th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631


·        For your convenience, payment may be completed through RevTrak Online Payment System at with a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

For payment questions contact Renee Fleecs at 970-348-6265.

Are scholarships available for the Achieve Summer Academic classes?

Full and partial scholarships will be available for qualifying students. Please contact your school counselor for applications.

Q: Will there be bussing options to get to Northridge High School?
A:  Bussing will be available for district students enrolled in Achieve Summer Academy courses. There will be north running and south running routes. Click here to see the bus route information.  

Q: What is the difference between face to face classes, online classes and blended classes?
  • Face to face course offerings use the traditional teacher in classroom style. The meetings times for these classes will be Monday- Thursday 8am- 12pm.
  • Online classes have students complete coursework online at home. Students will have regular access to a teacher for support and help during regularly scheduled office hours at Northridge High School.
  • Blended course offerings have students physically meet Monday- Thursday 8am-12pm. Content will be delivered in a blended model which will consist of face-to-face with an online learning component.