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    Parent involvement in their child’s education is very important to the Special Education department.  Liaison services are available to families and staff at any point in the special education process; whether the need is information, guidance, support, facilitation, or dispute resolution. No referral is necessary to contact the Parent Liaison. All communications are confidential unless you agree otherwise.


    Available Services 

    • Answers questions about getting special education process started
    • Assists parents who may need further explanation or support concerning the IEP or 504 process
    • Supports communication between parents and district personnel to improve quality of relationships and trust
    • Locates community resources for students and families
    • Facilitates Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) meetings
    • Helps parents with scheduling school visits
    • Attends school meetings, at the request of a parent or school
    • Supports individual schools in building strategies to increase and strengthen parent involvement

    Helpful Information About Special Education

    Does it sometimes feel like special education has a language of its own?  Click on one of the below links to help you understand the terms and acronyms used and how the process of an IEP works.                    

    Definition of Terms


    IEP Flow Chart

    Our Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) developed a Special Education Parent Handbook for families to utilize throughout their child's educational career. Click the link below to access the Parent Handbook.
    Tips for an IEP Meeting

    Whether it is your first IEP meeting or your tenth, here are some helpful tips when attending an IEP.  Most of the tips involving writing information down PRIOR to your meeting.  This is recommended so you do not have to store names, dates, numbers, and highlights in your brain.  Writing information down prior allows you to focus on the discussion at hand and then review your notes, if needed.  A worksheet is provided as an example of some of the recommended items to think about.  Feel free to print off this worksheet and use it in your next IEP!
    Parent Worksheet

    Top 5 Tips 

    1.  Know that you are considered part of the IEP team, so your voice and perspective matters.  Speak up.
    2.  Write down names, numbers, and job titles of those in attendance of the IEP meeting.
    3.  Ask if you need to have anything explained that does not make sense, especially if people are speaking in acronyms or abbreviations.
    4.  You should keep all IEP's in a safe place to then bring to future meetings to use as a reference.  If you lose an IEP, you can request a new one from the Greeley-Evans School District Records Department.
    5.  Know your rights.  Below is a link to a Parent's Rights and Responsibilities.
    Parent and Child Rights                                     
    How Can I Help You?

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Parent Liaison to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Parent Liaison