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  • Academic Achievement 

    Phone (970) 348-6266
    Fax (970) 348-6233


    Logo Dr. Stacie Datteri
     - Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement

    Lindsey Richards - Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement

    Jamie Pierot - Administrative Assistant for Academic Achievement
    Cultural Excellence and Parent Engagement

    Jesse Tijerina - Director of Cultural Excellence and Parent Engagement 

    Jennifer Luna-Flores - Administrative Assistant

    Thomas Lyman - Students in Transition Liaison

    Marycela Hernandez - Homeless Liason Assistant

    TBD - Title I Specialist

    Jinny Jensen - Director of Assessment and Certified Evaluations

    Jamie Pierot - Administrative Assistant 

    Carrie Alles - Assessment Analyst


    Curriculum and Personalized Learning

    Deagan Andrews - Director of Curriculum and Personalized Learning

    Tammy Hermance - Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

    William Fearn - Secondary ELA, Science, Social Studies, Library, P.E./Heath, Art, Music and World Language Coordinator

    Ryan Fitzpatrick - Personalized Learning Facilitator

    Dawn Reed - Instructional Technology Specialist

    Gina Pedroza - Administrative Assistant 


    Career Pathways

    Jennie Schilling - Career Pathways Specialist

    Jamie Gallegos - Administrative Assistant

    Gifted and Talented

    Jodee Mueller -  Gifted and Talented Facilitator

    Jamie Gallegos - Administrative Assistant

    Instruction and English Language Development

    Brian Lemos - Director of Instruction and English Language Development

    Jamie Gallegos - Administrative Assistant

    Robin Murray - Instructional Coach Facilitator

    John Fischer - K-12 Math Facilitator

    Amanda Kreiger - AVID, AP, IB Coordinator

    Emily Downs - Elementary CLD Coordinator

    Stephanie Rodas - Elementary Newcomer Student Advocate

    Elizabeth Gonzales - Secondary CLD Coordinator

    Andrea Lopez Tzun - Secondary Newcomer Student Advocate


    Professional Development

    Erika McNichol - Professional Development Manager

    Special Education

    Tom Gribble - Director of Special Education/Health Services

    Lauren Maxey - Administrative Assistant

    Kate Green - Assistant Director of Special Education

    Tammy Branan - Special Education Coordinator of Secondary Schools

    Stacey Gershwin - Special Education Coordinator of Elementary Schools

    Nyla Buffington - Special Education Coordinator of Elementary Schools

    Prudence Gregg - Special Education Enrich Software Specialist