• Teachers' Stories Fun classroom stories from OLP Teachers!
  • Pet Show & Tell
    Mrs. Cline
    1st Grade
    February is the month of friendship and love. During this month, we had several special guests.
  • Cursive
    Ashley Keesis-Wood
    3rd Grade
    I teach cursive writing on Fridays, and today, we were learning the letters "v" and "y". One of my children informed me that the lowercase "y" looks like a bad dab. He also told me he was excited because now he can write "yeet" in cursive.
  • Stress Relief
    Laura Dambreville
    6, 7, 8 Grade
    Release stress through drawing in Advisory class. YODA BEST STUDENTS!!
  • Valentines Day
    Mrs. Cline
    1st Grade
    We celebrated Valentines Day with a card and games. We broke out into breakout rooms and share our valentines.
  • Volcanoes
    Laurie Smith
    2nd Grade
    As we read about volcanoes in Wonders, one of my students lit up and began to tell the class all sorts of things about a group of volcanoes. He was going too fast and we had to keep to the lesson, but I spoke to him about it in his 1:1 mentoring time...he was still lit up. So I challenged him to prepare something to share during science class. He was so happy, got the website up that he subscribes to for up-to-date info on Kilauea, and happily screen shared and presented about the volcano and how to follow it on the net, and the class really liked it, so he shared in both science groups. His mom said he was so happy afterwards, smiling ear-to-ear. He is being tested for G/T and really needs these kinds of outlets.