We are proud to share with you that the Online Learning Program held a Read A Thon from March 13 - March 28 for all students in grades K-8 online. 

    Students logged how many minutes they read during this time.  In total, 17,296 minutes (or 288 hours) were spent reading by our online students! 

    We ran a contest to see which class could read the most in each of the 3 bands (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8) and partnered with the community to provide incentives.

    All participating students were given a discount code from NoCo Nosh. 

    Additionally, our 3 winning classes will also receive a free cookie from Crumbl Cookies

    and a free order of french fries from Wing Shack.

    Congratulations to all our readers!! 


    Our winners are…


    • Kindergarten Class of Shana Ranous - 1,726 minutes read
    • Third Grade Class of Jamie Anderson - 1,200 minutes read
    • Advisory Class of Matt Cox - 735 minutes read