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Kenneth Magruder II

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U.S. Government

World History

USS Greeley

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I was born on March 20 1964 in Fort Morgan Colorado.  I am the oldest of two siblings.  I have 1 sister, who is 4 years younger than I am.

My early schooling was done in Denver, Colorado until I was in second grade, where I moved to Greeley.  I went to Jackson Elementary from 2nd to 5th grade.

My class was the first class to attend middle school in Greeley.  After my 5th grade year, I attendend Brentwood Middle School for two years.  Becasue we still had Jr. High at that time, I attended John Evans Jr. High for six weeks until I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where I lived with my mother.

In Lincoln, I attended Culler Jr High.  After I completed Jr. High, I attended Lincoln Northeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I graduated from high school in 1982.

After high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I spent the next 8 years of my life.  I lived in Europe for 3 years.  After my tour, I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver where I became an Instructor.

My love for teaching evolved during my tour at Lowry.  It was then that I decided to begin my work on becoming a teacher.

At the same time, my father was a Business teacher at Greeley Central High School.  In 1985, I began to drive up to Greeley to help my father with Wildcat Activites.  When he retired in 1998, I took over his job as an Event Manager for Greeley Central.

Today, I am the Event Manager for the Three public High Schools in Greeley.

I started teaching at Greeley Central High School in 1999.  Thanks to Kathy Switzer and Steve Birch, I became a Social Studies and Government teacher.


I have been associated with Greeley Central since I was ten and have worked for Greeley Central for 30 years in some capacity. I am entering my 16th year of teaching here at the Castle

I have 7 children.  Two daughters from my first marriage, both have graduated from Greeley Central.  I have 5 boys and a wonderful wife who keeps me in line and out of trouble.


 My oldest son is a graduate of Greeley Central and was a drum major for our marching band as well as a successful sax player. Currently he is serving in the United States Air Force


My second oldest son is a graduate of Dayspring where he had a successful 3 sport athletic career. He is currently pursuing his degree in sports medicine and playing baseball in college


My third son will be entering Greeley Central this fall as a freshman and will participate in various activities


 My fourth son will enter 4th grade at Dayspring as well as my littlest one who will be entering kindergarten.


My wife of 21 years, Amy is a currently the elementary music teacher at Dayspring Elementary