Quick PEAK Facts

  • Colorado PEAK offers online access to Medical, Food and Cash Assistance benefits. 

    PEAK is the online Program Eligibility and Application Kit developed by the State of Colorado. PEAK provides applicants and clients with fast and easy access to Medical, Food and Cash Asssistance benefits. 

PEAK Offers the Following Functions:

  • Am I Eligible?

  • Apply for Benefits

Manage My Account

  • Manage My Account offers clients many features that allow them to be self-sufficient and informed about their benefits. Here are some of the ways clients can manage their benefits through PEAK:

    • Check application status and verifications needed
    • Update/Report Household Changes:
      • Contact Information
      • Income
      • Job Status
      • Number of household members: death, birth, pregnancy, etc.
      • Expenses: rent, utility, etc. 
      • Health: chronic illness, disability status
      • Marital status
    • Access to personal PEAK Mail Center
      • View/print important benefit letters such as: approval, denial and termination letters; verification requests; notices of a missed interview, adverse action (NOAs), claim/overpayment
    • Check Benefit information
      • Medical, Adult Financial, and Colorado Works benefits and history
      • Renewal dates
      • View current month of Food Assistance benefits
        • Link to the EBT Card website and view EBT Card balance
    • Opt-in for Medicaid with "Express Lane Eligibility"
    • Electronically upload documents needed for eligibility
    • Print medical cards
    • Online premium and enrollment fee payments
    • Opt-in for electronic communications:
      • Text/email notifications when new PEAK mail is available
      • Informational emails about assistance programs