• Battle

    What is Battle of the Books?

    Battle of the Books is a fun reading incentive for students in grades 3-5. Teams of students read assigned books and encourage each other to become better readers. They "battle" against other teams to see who remembers the most about what they read.


    How do students participate?

    Students gain parent permission and form teams with other students at their grade level. With the help of an adult coach, the teams read 8 different books and practice answering questions about their books.


    Why should students join?

    Students gain confidence in their reading abilities and learn the joy of reading and sharing in an activity with peers. They broaden their knowledge and experience the fun of competing. Students are encouraged to help each other and read together.


    Where can students get these books?

    The books will be available in the Madison School library for check out by only students participating in the program.


    What do "battles" look like?

    Each team will face off against another team. A judge will ask each team questions about the books. The team will have 30 seconds to discuss the answer, then the team's spokesperson will give the answer. Teams are awarded 5 points for giving the correct title of the book, and 3 extra points for the correct author. The winning team from each grade level will go on to battle against teams from other schools in the district battles in May.


    If you would like more information about Battle of the Books, or would like to volunteer to help, please contact Mrs. Tarantino at mtarantino@greeleyschools.org


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    Fifth Grade Books