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Parry Kappel

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S. Christa McAuliffe School Song 


On the wings of a silver falcon

We reach for the sky

Preparing for the future

Our hopes and dreams are high


Silver Falcons, Christa McAuliffe

The spirit of silver and blue

Silver Falcons, Christa McAuliffe

To our colors, we'll stay true


The challenge of tomorrow 

A mission for us all

To be the best that we can be

We're proud and we stand tall


Christa McAuliffe said, 

"Well, reach for it. You know, go for it.

Push yourself as far as you can, 

Because if I can get this far, 

You can do it too.

Reach for the stars, I'll be there"


And so we lift our voices

We sing our song with pride

We're the kids from Christa

We walk together side by side


© 1996, Tim Beckman

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If your 4th or 5th grader did not order a recorder, you can order one on your own through the same company that McAuliffe uses.  It is a Soprano Boroque recorder, product # P6000 

Purchasing this particular recorder isn't required- any recorder will do!