Welcome to the Information Literacy Page

    Here at Centennial we offer book check out for classes each week along with a weekly technology lesson in our computer lab. Students work on learning how to use technology tools along with lessons on collaboration, digital citizenship, copyright and allowing for opportunities to be creative and solve problems. They also learn how the library is organized and how to find books about their interests.
    One of the highlights of 2011-2012 was a Skype call I initiated from the Paul Revere House in Boston between all of the third graders and Emily Holmes. Emily is the Education Director at the museum. We sat outside in the courtyard of Revere's House using my iPhone to video call on Skype to Centennial. All of the third graders were in the library watching and listening via the laptop and projector. Emily told the students a lot about Paul Revere and his house. She also answered several questions. It was the first Skype call for both Centennial and the Revere House. 
    On November 22, 2011 we participated in our second Skype call. This time it was between all of the fifth graders and Ben Edwards. Ben is a children's book author and a travel guide. His book is called "One Morning in April." It is a story about his family history that includes a lot of American history, as well. Since Ben is a descendent through marriage to Paul Revere, he is well-versed about Revere. The book's underlying theme is that it is important to develop your imagination, set goals and work on those goals. Ben takes schools and other visitors through historical Boston as Walking Boston Tours. 
    The students asked great questions. They learned a lot and everyone agreed that it is awesome to live in a time when we can learn from experts by using technology tools such as Skype.
    If you would like to access our library catalogue online, here is Centennial OPAC Online.