• P. R. I. D. E.

    We expect students at Chappelow to learn these expectations and apply them for positive success everyday.

    I SHOW…

    I own my choices, words, and actions.

    I honor myself, others, and my environment.

    I am honest and make the right choices.

    I try my best and don’t give up.

    I am kind and considerate.

    I Show PRIDE at Chappelow

    I Show PRIDE during Arrival
       P I arrive on time – no later than 8:10 a.m.
       R I arrive no earlier than 7:50 a.m. unless enrolled in an activity.
       I I go to the playground/cafeteria until the first bell.
       D I line up in the correct location when the first bell rings.
       E I use hallway PRIDE when I enter the building.

    I Show PRIDE in the Hallway
       P I walk on the right hand side of the hall.
       R I am quiet and considerate of classes in session.
       I I walk directly to my destination.
       D I avoid distractions.
       E I keep my body and belongings to myself.

    I Show PRIDE in the Bathroom
       P I only use the bathroom when I need to.
       R I leave no trace.
       I I go to the bathroom only with permission and with a hall pass.
       D I do my business and get back to class.
       E I flush the toilet and wash my hands.

    I Show PRIDE in the Cafeteria
       P I practice self control.
       R I leave no trace.
       I I wait quietly in line.
       D I am patient.
       E I say “please and thank you.”

       P I walk.
       R I keep my hands and feet to myself.
       I I follow hallway PRIDE.
       D I wait my turn.
       E I use an inside voice.

       P I stay in my seat until dismissed.
       R I keep my hands in my own space.
       I I keep my food off the floors.
       D I eat until I am full.
       E I use good manners.

       P I clean up around my area (table, floor).
       R I raise my hand to empty my tray.
       I +1 = I do something helpful.
       D I empty everything into the trash barrel.
       E I place my tray neatly in the return stack.

       P I leave all food in the cafeteria.
       R I stay in my own personal space.
       I I wait to be dismissed.
       D I line up in the appropriate location.
       E I walk.

    I Show PRIDE during Assemblies
       P I enter and exit safely and quietly.
       R I sit on my bottom, and clap accordingly.
       I I participate appropriately.
       D I remain in my designated area.
       E I watch and listen respectfully.

    I Show PRIDE during Dismissal
       P I only take approved routes and I stay behind the yellow line on the sidewalk.
       R I walk while on school grounds.
       I I stay in the classroom until the teacher dismisses me.
       D I use a designated crosswalk/sidewalk to reach my destination.
       E I keep my voice low.

    Show PRIDE on the Playground
       P I stay within the boundaries and use the equipment safely.
       R I share, take turns, and include everyone.
       I I play games fairly and follow the rules.
       D I make good choices even if others are not.
       E I solve conflicts with kindness and use T.W.A.


    · I will come down on my bottom, feet first, without my legs hanging over.
    · I will come down one at a time.
    · I will not put sand or other items on the slides.
    · I will not “climb up” the slides.

    ·I will always use the ladder.

    · I will not stand or sit on top of the bars.
    · I will not pull or push (with any part of my body) anyone off the bars.
    · I will not do “baby-drops” or gymnastic stunts.

    · I will stay away from others swinging.
    · I will face east when I am swinging.
    · I will be the only one on a single swing.
    · I will sit on my bottom on the swing.
    · I will not jump off or twist around the swing.
    · I will not push and run under the person swinging.
    · I will help any student who needs assistance getting on or off of the swing. I can give them a small push to get going.
    · I will take turns! I will count to 50 and trade off if another student is waiting to swing.

    · I will be considerate of others.
    · I will not push, shove or tackle.
    · I will not use foul language.
    · I will keep the game friendly and non-competitive.
    · I will include everyone.
    · I will end the game when the bell rings, or whistle blows.



    I will follow this sequence unless I need immediate adult assistance. Issues for which I should go directly to the adult include:
    · Hitting/physical contact
    · Threats
    · Safety concerns (unsafe objects, people or activities)