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    Martinez Dedicated - Children Educated - A Better Future Created
    Martinez parents, students, and teachers all work together to create a solid foundation of learning for the future. 
    Mission and Belief Statements
    • We teach and believe in the whole child.
    • We provide a safe environment filled with respect and love because every child matters. 
    • We build positive, trusting relationships with students, parents, and one another. 




    • Our Martinez family includes students, faculty, parents, and community partners all working together. 
    • Every family member brings a unique, cultural perspective and influence that we honor and celebrate. 
    • By empowering parents, we empower the students. 
    • Education gives everyone the ability to grow, learn, and succeed in life regardless of the circumstances. 




    • Students will have personalized instructions that focuses on individual needs and strengths. 
    • Students, teachers, and families will learn by developing a growth mindset focused on hard work and perseverance instead of fixed ability. 
    • Using Understanding by Design standards guides teachers to develop best first instruction to build students' understanding of content.
    • Students and teachers are committed to innovation and change working collaboratively to meet the demands of the 21st century. 
    • Project Based Learning creates enthusiasm and engagement by involving students in their learning.