• Getting Ready for Kindergarten!


    Here are some things parents can do with their preschool-age children to help get them ready for their first day in Kindergarten:

    • Find the picture of the red beans on the can at the grocery store 
    • Think of 10 words that rhyme with "can"
    • Start and organize a collection- rocks, cards, stickers
    • Cook together and learn to measure ingredients
    • Sort the socks, eating utensils, nuts and bolts, etc
    • Let your child tell you a story and write it for them
    • Mark your calendar as you count down the days to Kindergarten
    • Read to your child every day, talk about the story, and relate to your child's own experiences


    Socially, your child should be able to do these things before Kindergarten:

    • Follow spoken directions and rules
    • Use words to express feelings
    • Speak clearly
    • Leave their parents without too much difficulty for a long period of time
    • Go to the bathroom alone
    • Play well with and respect other children
    • Resolve problems without needing a teacher
    • Be able to tie shoes and zip and button all clothing


    Academically, your child should be able to do these things before Kindergarten:

    • Hold a pencil, crayon, and scissors correctly
    • Work independently for at least 5 minutes
    • Sit and listen to a story for 10-15 minutes
    • Recognize, read, and write their first name
    • Write their name with a capital letter and the rest lowercase (example: Jason)
    • Identify some capital and lowercase letters
    • Identify and count numbers 1 through 10
    • Identify 8 basic colors (green, yellow, blue, purple, black, brown, orange, red)
    • Identify 4 basic shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle)


    Set a Good Routine for your child. Provide a regular:

    • Wake up time
    • Breakfast time
    • Homework time
    • Bed time
    • Set out clothes and plan or make lunch the night before