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    Getting ready for kindergarten!
    Here are some things parents can do with their preschool-age children to help get them ready for their first day in kindergarten:
    •Find the picture of the red beans on the can at the grocery store
    •Think of 10 words that rhyme with “can”
    •Start and organize a collection-rocks, cards, stickers
    •Cook together and learn to measure ingredients
    •Sort the socks, eating utensils, nuts and bolts, etc.
    •Let your child tell you a story and write it for them
    •Mark your calendar as you count down the days to Kindergarten
    •Read to your child every day, talk about the story, and relate to your child’s own experiences
    Socially, your child should be able to do these things before kindergaren:
    •Follow spoken directions and rules
    •Use words to express feelings
    •Speak clearly
    •Leave their parents without too much difficulty for a long period of time
    •Go to the bathroom alone
    •Play well with and respect other children
    •Resolve problems without needing a teacher
    •Be able to tie shoes and zip and button all clothing
    Academically, your child should be able to do these things before kindergarten:
    •Hold a pencil, crayon, and scissors correctly
    •Work independently for at least 5 minutes
    •Sit and listen to a story for 10-15 minutes
    •Recognize, read, and write their first name
    •Write their name with a capital letter and the rest lowercase (example: Jason)
    •Identify some capital and lowercase letters
    •Identify and count numbers 1 through 10
    •Identify 8 basic colors (green, yellow, blue, purple, black, brown, orange, red)
    •Identify 4 basic shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle)
    Set a good routine for your child. Provide a regular:
    •wake up time
    •breakfast time
    •homework time
    •bed time
    •set out clothes and plan or make lunch the night before