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Daniel Visser

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I'm so proud to call Northern Colorado my new home! And as a Colorado native, I've felt more at home since entering the this community then I have in many, many years in the Denver metro area.

I've traveled down many roads prior to becoming a teacher.  After I graduated from Littleton High School I played two seasons of college football at Mesa University.  Shortly after, I entered the United States Marine Corps and enlisted for four years.  My travels ranged from various states in the US to Okinawa, Japan and all the way to Vienna, Austria where I protected the US embassy as well as United Nations' buildings.  

Thereafter, I moved to Washington state for several years.  In that time I attained a BS in Biology and a BA in Natural Science.  Around then I also spent my first summer in Alaska as a naturalist tour guide where I gave eco-tours via bike in the remote wilderness.  I fell in love with Alaska the moment I arrived. . .  Around that time I also wrote a grant to study poison dart frogs in Panamanian rainforests  and conducted research there for six months.  I also worked as a field biologist for the Department of Transportation in Washington state and was a cheesemaker in Pike's Market in Seattle.  It's been a fun, wild and difficult ride prior to teaching.    

After coming home in 2010 I worked as an environmental consultant for a local firm and spent two more summers in Alaska collecting baseline data for a large goldmine 300 miles west of Anchorage and participated in culvert replacement projects focused on target species removal/relocation in Prince of Wales Island.  Finally, I conducted many nesting raptor surveys in Weld County during the nesting season.  

Shortly after, I chose to become a teacher and attained an MA from the University of Denver via the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program.   I love biology, my heart is equally invested in sharing the practice of science  with kids.  Along with science, my primary focus is on students' personal development in order to attain their highest dreams, and someday, land in their best life.   We will do this all year long by looking through a scientific lens at the world we hold a scope within.