Kurt Smith

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Kurt Smith

K - 5th Grade


I am happy to be teaching in my sixth year at Dos Rios. I have been a Physical Educator since 1992, so I am going on 24 years in this business. I got my feet wet as a teacher for the first time in Guam back in 1992. I was there until 1994. In 1994, I moved and taught school in Arizona until 2001. In 2001, I came to Colorado and taught school out in Pierce at Highland Elementary until 2010. I have been here at Dos Rios for the past four years.


Your child will be exposed to many different activities while in my P.E. classes. They will tell you the names of several games and activities that you have probably never heard of. My aspiration while teaching your child is to instill in them a love and joy of moving and learning about movement activities and games. I truly believe that when your child comes to my class, they should leave wanting to learn more. I try to stay away from "traditional" P.E. approaches when it comes to my classes and show them other activities that they may have never heard of or have never participated in. 


My primary grade classes will focus specifically on fundamental P.E. skills, such as throwing, catching, kicking, rolling, tumbling, balance, fleeing, etc. Within those lessons, they will play games that reinforce those skills.


My secondary classes will focus more on sport related themes, but not necessarily typical ones. Tennis, bocce ball, rock climbing, bosu balls, skating, frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, and fitness testing will covered throughout the year.


I will also be continuing with MOVIC this year. MOVIC is an after school program that Ms. Eilers, the Music teacher (Mindi Eilers) and myself have created. It combines moving with music, hence MOVIC, and is a unique program that our students have really enjoyed being part of.


I also teach Driver's Ed. to our local youth through Anshor Driving School. My first group of fifth graders here at Dos Rios are just about ready now to start taking driving classes. I look forward to teaching them about safe driving practices soon.


My wife is also a teacher at a private school. She teaches 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. I also have two children who attend the Greeley School District. We are very happy to make Greeley our home and hope to be with this school district for years to come.