• The Intramural Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to experience a variety of physical activities that will contribute to an active lifestyle and enhance their leisure time. Intramurals will extend and complement our physical education program. This is not a mandatory program and although attendance will be taken for record keeping purposes, there is no attendance requirement. Your child may attend as little or as often as he or she desires.


    Some of the activities that may be presented during intramurals this year include recreational games and activities, various individual and team sport activities and fitness activities. The program will nurture healthy competition, enjoyment, fair play and teamwork. One area focus will be to enhance social interaction while reducing student conflict. The behavior expectations of our SOAR program in physical education will extend to the after school program. Children will be given lots of practice in these areas and may be suspended from intramurals for chronic disregard for others and/or safety issues.


    Go to the Home page calendar for a schedule of when intramurals takes place at Shawsheen.