• Welcome to LULAC!   Welcome to LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)!
    L.U.L.A.C is a club that welcomes all students from all cultures. L.U.L.A.C.'s main purpose is to learn to appreciate all cultures and learn from others. Academics is a key message to students because LULAC believes all students can be successful. Therefore, academic support and leadership opportunities are offered. Students meet new people, participate in fun activities and events, and build positive self-esteem. Brentwood L.U.L.A.C also offers opportunities to participate in Latin (and other origins if available) dancing. L.U.L.A.C will focus on the following during the 2012-2013 school year:
    • Education
    • Cultural Pride
    • Leadership
    • Healthy Recreation                         

         *Most meetings/practices will be Tuesday and we will add on Thursdays after October

    Sponsors:  Carmen Bustillos

    (If you are a parent interested in co-sponsoring, please contact Ms. Bustillos. We would love your help!)