• Welcome to 3rd Grade!                             

                                     3rd grade team                                                                                                  

    Ashley Keesis-Wood   Cari Pettyjohn   Shani Stapleton   Traci Urban    

     We are so excited to finally be back at Meeker for another year of learning, growing and exploring!
    This year at Meeker we will be putting a lot of emphasis on our Leader In Me program.  These are the 7 habits of highly successful kids that we will be working on throughout the year:
    The Leader in Me
    The 3rd grade expectation is that students will show leadership throughout their day.
    For 3rd grade reading, students are expected to be reading in chapter books both at school and at home.  Students will be practicing reading two and three syllable words and also responding to what they read in paragraph form.
    In math, 3rd grade students should be fluent in their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.  They will also be adding and subtracting within 1000.  Division will also be taught along with fractions.
    Since we are a Blended Learning school, we are able to differentiate instruction for students through the digital programs we use for each subject. During reading we use Lexia and during math we use ST Math.  All of our digital content can be accessed through the Clever icon on Meeker's homepage.
    Our classrooms are now equipped with Smartboards.  We will be using this new technology to allow students to use their own computers to interact with our Smartboards to help enhance learning and student engagement.  So exciting!
    We are looking forward to a fresh start and an exciting year of change and growth for our third graders!