• Two-Hour Delayed Start for Students
    Should the need arise due to extreme conditions or other short-term emergencies, Greeley-Evans School
    District 6 may implement a Two-Hour Delayed Start procedure for all schools. A decision about any
    delayed start will be made and announced by 6:00 a.m. All delayed starts will be two-hour delayed starts.
    Greeley-Evans School District 6 respects the right of parents to make a decision regarding the attendance
    or late arrival of their children. A personal contact by the parent or a written note to the school/building
    officials will excuse a student’s late arrival or absence during these conditions.
    Students: Students are expected to arrive two hours later than their regular start time.
    Bus pick up times: Buses will pick up students at bus stops two hours later than regularly
    scheduled pick-up times. Buses will make every effort to be punctual, although traffic and road
    conditions may increase travel time. All special education bus routes scheduled to drop off
    students prior to 11:00 a.m. are canceled.
    Before School and Morning Programs: All morning programs/practices/IEP meetings or
    other activities scheduled prior to 11:00 a.m. by the school itself or the school district are
    canceled. All zero hour activities or classes are also canceled. All athletic shuttles scheduled to
    depart prior to 11:00 a.m. are canceled.
    Drop off and arrival times: Parents dropping off students, students who walk and students
    driving to school should arrive 2 hours after their regular arrival times. However, staff should be
    alert and prepared to provide supervision, if students arrive early.
    Breakfast: Breakfast will not be served on any day with a two-hour delayed start.
    Before and after school childcare: Please contact your provider for information on how they
    will handle the two-hour delayed schedule.
    Kindergarten and Preschool Programs: All morning (a.m.) kindergarten and preschool
    programs are canceled when there is a two-hour delayed start schedule. All afternoon (p.m.)
    kindergarten and preschool programs will run on normal schedules. Full-day kindergarten will
    start 2 hours later than normal.
    School schedules: Unless specifically instructed by their principal, all students should report to
    wherever they would normally be after two hours into their regular schedule. The rest of the day
    will be on the normal schedule with no delays, unless so ordered by the principal.
    School dismissal times: School dismissal times will remain on regular schedules, including
    bus drop-off times in neighborhoods and parent pick-up times at schools.
    Afternoon and evening programs and activities: All afternoon and evening programs will
    operate as normally scheduled unless announced otherwise.
    General Closure Announcement Procedure
    When a decision to declare a closure has been made by the superintendent of schools, the district will use
    the following means in the following order to announce this information:
    1. An announcement will be placed on the District website www.greeleyschools.org.
    2. A recorded announcement will be placed on the District 6 main phone line, 970-348-6000.
    3. Notification will be placed on District 6 Facebook and Twitter.
    4. Notification will be made to news release e-mail subscribers.
    5. Notification will be made to local and Denver-metro TV and radio stations.
    Please note that while we notify and request that radio and television stations run our announcements,
    the decision to broadcast these announcements rests solely with the station managers. Television and
    radio stations are unlikely to give details on the type of or reason for closure. To be sure you have the best
    information please check the website, www.greeleyschools.org.
    Also keep in mind that if many districts across the state have simultaneous closures because of weather
    conditions, it may take some time for the station to announce our particular information. For the fastest,
    most accurate notification of a closure in District 6, it is highly recommended that you check the District 6
    website, www.greeleyschools.org, or the District 6 Facebook page.
    In the event that one or a small number of school(s) is/are closed, we will still follow the same
    announcement procedures, but stations frequently reject announcements affecting only a small number of
    sites. If closure of one or a small number of sites is rumored or suspected, community members are
    advised to check the website and the District’s main phone line.