• Welcome to Art, Music, Library and Physical Education at Shawsheen Elementary.

    The Art Room is a place where students can use their creativity to create and be artistic.  Students get to problem- solve and be inventive.  They learn about art and artists from long ago, as well as contemporary art. This learning helps students use techniques used by artists or develop their own. Students get to do projects that help them develop patience and perseverance.  They develop art techniques that help them be well rounded learners.



    In the 21st Century, we all need to learn to create new things!  In music at Shawsheen, we help children be creative in many ways.  We learn to imagine, develop, and then create new things based on what we can imagine.  We create amazing performances.  We create new music.  What might you create?


    Physical Education teaches students to maintain and achieve a healthy active lifestyle. In P.E. students have opportunities to work on physical skills, while learning values such as teamwork, and sportsmanship. Nutrition and interaction with their peers is also something that is highly practiced in PE. Shawsheen offers a variety of Physical Education programs other than PE during the regular school day. This list includes: before school intramurals, Mileage club, action-based learning, and Sport stacking clubs. 






    Our teachers are Music: Mr. Easter, Library: Mrs. Randel, Art: Mrs. Rivera, and Physical Education: Mr. Zacharko (Mr. Z.).
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