• District 6 participates in Comcast Internet Flyer program to help bridge digital divide


    School District 6 is among many cities and school districts in Colorado and across the nation which are participating in a new program from Comcast to provide high speed Internet access to low-income families.


    The service, created in response to the Federal Communications Commission's call for more accessible broadband service nationwide, will be available to Greeley and Evans residents who live in Comcast's coverage area, with a few stipulations: They must have at least one child who receives free school lunch via the federal National School Lunch Program, have not subscribed to Comcast's services within the past 90 days, and do not have an overdue Comcast bill.


    The program, called Internet Essentials, will provide broadband Internet service to eligible families for $10 per month. The families will also be able to purchase a low-cost, netbook-style computer for $150. In addition, Comcast is also providing free digital literacy classes to the families.


    Families can sign up for the service by calling, toll-free, 1-855-8-internet (1-855-846-8376). Or you can log onto www.internetessentials.com and apply online.


    There is little to no cost to District 6 for its participation or support, and the district will not manage or track the program. Participation by families is voluntary. District 6’s role is simply to help inform families of the program’s availability. Families who choose to sign up for the Internet Essentials service will contact Comcast directly, using the information provided on the fliers. Families will need to show their free-lunch approval form in order to qualify. Copies of these forms are available from the District 6 Nutrition Services department at 348-6600.


    Comcast has provided District 6 with 10,000 fliers in Spanish and English, which are being mailed to households who currently receive free school meals.