Dress Code

  • Students who attend Madison Elementary are required to wear unifroms. Students may only wear navy blue, black, or khaki colored pants, shorts or skirts. Tops and any jackets worn in the classroom must have sleeves and collars and must be solid white, gray, yellow, or black with no visible logos. There are to be NO jeans, sweat pants, or "skinny" pants. Shorts and skirts must be long enough that when the student is standing with their arms at their sides their fingertips do not touch skin. Additionally, NO "Dickies" or "Southpole" brand pants, shorts, or shirts may be worn. 


    Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. Flip flops or similiar footwear are highly discouraged at school. They do not provide the protection needed during P.E. and/or daily recess. Please keep these shoes for casual wear at home. Also, NO "Heelies" may be worn in school. 


    Spaghetti-strap type blouses and tank tops should not be worn at school. All shirts must cover the mid-drift. Our school is air conidtioned and our weather can change at a moment's notice. This type of clothing does not protect your student from the temperature changes.