2018-2019 Wellness Success

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Worksite Wellness


    May Health Nut of the Month:

    Norma Flores!
    Congratulations to  Norma from Administration (Finance) for being nominated and selected as our Health Nut of the month for May!

    Norma shared the following gratitude story after the 21 Days of Gratitude program:

    "As I became more mindful of the things around me I feel as the month went on I was more and more grateful. Sometimes I think as people we are grateful for the "big" things in life; my job, my home, my car, my family. I am grateful for those things but it's the "little" things we sometimes forget about. For instance, the day we had to write about the one thing we didn't like about ourselves and be grateful for it. Wow! That was hard! But in the end I am grateful for the parts of me that may not be in great working condition because there may be someone out there who's "parts" aren't working at all. I may have pain sometimes but at least I can feel. The food. You know I might say a prayer before eating in gratitude for the meal I have been given. I really took the time to really be thankful for the food and for whomever prepared it. I feel like I am a person who is always grateful but this program helped me to be grateful in different ways."

    See more information HERE about how Norma lives a healthy lifestyle!

    Would you like to nominate someone for next month's Health Nut of the Month?

    Fill out the nomination form HERE and email to: District6-Wellness@greeleyschools.org 

    2018-2019 Great Holiday Weigh Results are In! 


    The winning team lost the greatest % of weight at 12.03%!! The team credits their success to eating right, portion sizing, doing a daily journal of what they eat, staying active, having each other for support and Weight Watchers!

    Incredible work to the following team members: 


    Roxana Magana

    Kelly Henson

    Diane Phillips

    Geneva Weiler

    Cindy York

    Susannah Halbrook

     Team Girls on the Move will receive the traveling trophy and recognition throughout Facebook and webpages. 


    Administrator Health Nut Winner:
     Family hike- Box Canyon, Ouray, CO
    Elizabeth Urich!
    Congratulations to  Elizabeth Urich, Assistant Principal at Dos Rios for being nominated and selected as our Administrator/Supervisor Health Nut of the Quarter!!

    Here is what her nominator had to say:

    "Elizabeth is always encouraging our staff to choose healthy options. When staff members have a health initiative they want to try she is there to show her support and offer advice. She does a great job of staying balanced with her work and family life as well as making sure to put her health first. Elizabeth has made many changes this year to live a healthier lifestyle. She is a great cheerleader to help keep healthy choices in the forefront of your mind! I am lucky to work with such a healthy leader!"

    Find out more about how Elizabeth stays healthy by clicking HERE!
    Would you like to nominate someone for next quarter's Administrator/Supervisor Health Nut of the Quarter?
    Fill out the nomination form HERE and email to: District6-Wellness@greeleyschools.org

    D6 Worksite Wellness Program Recognized as a Healthy Business Certified Leader by Health Links!

    Certified Healthy Business Leaders have been recognized for their leadership in creating a culture of health and safety in their workplace and beyond. These businesses are identifying ways to bring in family members, other businesses and the surrounding community to support what they do. Go to www.healthlinkscertified.org for more information. 

    Healthy Business Certified  

    Upcoming Programs and Events! 
    Flu Shots 2019-2020  

    See program flyers HERE


    District 6 values the health and wellbeing of its employees. In an effort to improve the health of all employees, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and have a healthier workforce, the district has had the Worksite Wellness Program in place since 2002. In 2013, the Worksite Wellness Program was recognized by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) for its outstanding achievement in health promotion.  WELCOA presented District 6 with the "Well Workplace Gold Award." 

    The program is planned by the Worksite Wellness Committee, a group of individuals who are passionate about improving the health of their friends and colleagues.This team meets on a monthly basis to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate the Worksite Wellness Program. Click here to learn  more information about the committee and how it operates. Contact us at District6-Wellness@greeleyschools.org.
    Vision: D6 staff will motivate, cultivate and journey with one another in well-being

    Mission: Creating lifelong healthy, engaged and high performing role models for our students and community

    Overarching Goals:
    1. Engage Administration in supporting, role modeling, and communicating wellness in the workplace.
    2. Raise awareness of preventive care needed for optimal health.
    3. Create healthier work environments and foster a culture of wellness.
    4. Offer wellness programs in the areas of tobacco cessation, weight management/healthy eating, physical activity, medical self-care and stress management.

Ongoing Programs & Events

  •  tobacco cessation kit



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