• Welcome to H.S. Winograd K-8 School's Counselor Page
    Winograd Cubs have COURAGE!  As students and adults in the school become familiar with COURAGE at H.S. Winograd K-8 School we are successful in many ways.  COURAGE is comprised of "words to live by".  COURAGE motivates us to interact well and learn well at school and beyond.

    C   Compassion- Caring for others before yourself

    O   Optimism- Having a good attitude; staying positive

    U   Unity- Working together as a team

    R   Respect- Treating others like you want to be treated

    A   Achievement- Doing our best and reaching for goals

    G   Generosity- Giving to others

    E   Excellence- Striving for your best all the time

    COURAGE...Doing what is right, even when it is difficult.