Attendance Policy


    Significant learning for all students is provided each time class is held in Weld County School District 6. This educational opportunity is provided as a result of in-class participation and high-quality instruction. The benefits of this experience cannot be fully replaced. Consequently, regular and punctual attendance is an important criterion for success in school, and absences are detrimental to effective learning. Good attendance builds good work habits. Effect, November 1, 2008, this Attendance Policy for District 6 was implemented to meet the state guidelines (CRS 22-33-104): Parents are required to notify the school for student absences, but the absence will be "excused" by the school according to the guidelines for excused absences.

    Excused Absences Include:

    • Temporary illness or injury.
    • Prearranged absence approved by an administrator.
    • Extended absences due to physical, mental or emotional disability.
    • School-sponsored field trips or activities.
    • A work-study program under the supervision of the school.
    • Extremely inclement weather.
    • Emergency, serious illness or death in the family.
    • Participation in religious observances.
    • Any absence which occurs when the student is required to be in court or in the custody of the court or law enforcement authorities. 

    A student will be limited to four (4) excused absences in a month or ten (10) excused absences in a year. At this point, the school shall either require a meeting or other form of communication between the student's parent/guardian and appropriate school personnel to review and evaluate the reasons for the student being habitually absent from school. The district may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources. 

    If your child is absent for any reason, please call our absentee message line at 970-348-3415 or you may call the school office number at 970-348-3400 by 10:00 a.m. For your child's safety, unaccounted absences will be followed up with a phone call if we do not hear from you. If you take your child out of school during school hours, you must check him/her out through the office. For the safety of each child, the parent must visit the office to complete a check-out form. We will not release a student to anyone not listed on your child's databse other than parent(s) or legal guardian(s) without written permission from the parent(s)/guardian(s). Children are not permitted to wait outside. 

    Pre-Arranged Absence:

    All pre-arranged absence forms must be received at least 5 days prior to being absent for administrator approval. 

    After-School Events and Activities:

    If your child is absent from school during the day, he/she may not attend after school activities for that evening, i.e., music performances, athletics, field trips, 21st Century classes, etc. 

    Make-Up Work:

    Students are responsible for amking up any work missed while they were absent. A student has one day for every day that is missed to make-up the work for full credit. Students are responsible to contact the teacher when they return to get missed assignments and make up missed tests. If a student is going to be gone longer than two days their parent can contact the Counseling Office to get missed assignments for the student. 


    A student is truant from school when they do not come to school and their parent expects them to be at school. Students who are truant from a full day of school or from one class will be sent to the principal's office and will be required to make that time up during detention before school, at lunch or after school. Consequences could also include in school suspension. 


    Students are expected to be in their seat ready to work when the bell rings. If a student is late for class, they will be held accountable to the classroom teacher's consequences. Students who are regularly tardy will be referred to the principal's office. Tardies are all unexcused unless you have a doctor or dentist note. 


    1. It is the student's responsibility to collect their homework prior to their absence. Therefore, get an absence form from the school office that must be filled out and signed by every one of their teachers. To receive full credit for the assignments, the student must complete them within the stipulated time and hand them in to the appropriate teachers. 
    2. Parent must sign and date the absence form. 
    3. Finally, the completed form must be turned in to the attendance office a minimum of three days prior to the requested absence for an administrator's approval.