What to Expect in 7th Grade

  • Welcome to 7th grade!

    Here at Heath Middle School we are dedicated to our students academic and personal success. This year we anticipate that core academics will reach a whole new level for our students. 7th grade can be rigorous but with our fantastic teams of teachers and the support from our families we will achieve great success.
    Heath has two 7th grade teams, team 7A and team 7B. Each team consists of amazing teachers that specialize in each of the core subjects, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. The 7th grade teachers are a passionate group who care about students and their diverse needs as learners. We believe in making education meaningful and fun!
    The 7th grade teachers welcome students and families to contact us at any time. Also, to get to know the 7th grade teachers more click on our links below. We look forward to experiencing a great year!

Meet the 7th Grade Team


    - Theresa Gilbert (Social Studies)

    - Melani Spath (Math)

    - Abbey Krusen (ELA)

    - Machin Norris (Science)

    - Jack Loos (Math)

    - Matney Casey (Science)

    - Nathan Myers (Social Studies)