Foreign Language

    International Languages is a great opportunity to learn a bit about foreign languages.  We learn greetings and courtesies so that we can speak in short, but complete, conversations.  We sing songs to practice our pronunciation.  We cover vocabulary that includes classroom objects, colors, body, and numbers.  We read about culture and write about differences and similarities.
    Spanish A is a year long course that covers conversational topics, classroom vocabulary and schedules, adjectives, and preferences.  We move from simple, one-word answers and short phrases to complete sentences and short paragraphs. We continue building on our standards of listening, reading, writing, and listening.  Spanish A is the first year of a two year program which allows students to enter Spanish II in high school.
    Spanish B is a year long course that continues to develop the ability to read, listen, speak, and write in Spanish.  We read short books, have multiple response conversations, watch full length videos in Spanish and respond to questions in the target language.  Spanish B is the 2nd part of the two year program which allows students to enter Spanish II in high school.  Students who take Spanish II in the ninth grade have the opportunity to take AP Spanish as a Senior and will meet their college requirements sooner in their high school career path.