Elementary Schools

  • Greeley-Evans School District 6 has 11 elementary schools scattered across neighborhoods in Greeley and Evans. Ranging in size from about 400 to 700 students, our elementary schools all focus on core curriculum, teaching kids to read, write and do math, while providing science and social studies to supplement these areas.
    Our curriculum focuses on teaching children to read comprehensively and proficiently, learning not only to pronounce words, but to understand their meaning and context in reading materials. From Kindergarten and throughout every grade level, our students read and write daily. Students will also spend time learning the core values of math daily, focusing on improving skills and problem solving. We offer many opportunities for students to advance at their own pace, and enrichment activities are available.
    District 6 elementary schools also provide instruction in music, technology, art and physical education. Many of our schools provide extended day learning opportunities. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s school, and there is a plethora of volunteer opportunities at each site. At District 6, our focus is always on the child, making sure students are advancing and growing in their education every day.
    We invite you to drop by a school in your neighborhood and see the incredible things happening.
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Centennial Elementary

Dos Rios Elementary

Heiman Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Madison Elementary

Maplewood Elementary

Martinez Elementary

Meeker Elementary

Monfort Elementary

Scott Elementary

Shawsheen Elementary