What to Expect in 4th Grade

  • COVID 19 Distance Learning Update

    We are very excited to start working together online!


    We will have video chat check-ins with students twice a week starting Tuesday, March 31st.  These check-ins will be 15-20 minutes long. We will do this twice a week. The purpose of these check-ins is for kids to get help with their school work, make sure everyone is doing ok, and just keep our teacher/student relationship going through this time. Please check your email for more information.


    On Monday, March 30th, students would not have been in school anyway.  

    If you sign up for a Monday check-in time, those will start April 6th. All other check-ins will happen on their regular day next week. 


    Here’s a video showing you how to access our check-ins..  




     We will be taking and reporting attendance based on student participation in these meetings.  Parents are very welcome but not required to join us.


    The expectations for students are: 


    • Get through one Zearn lesson a day (about 45 min) 
    • Take the iReady Diagnostic test with no help. (It is the first thing the program will let you do).
    • After students take the diagnostic, they need to do approximately 30 minutes of iReady a day.
    • Students should try to read at least 30 minutes a day in a challenging book.
    • Be on time and participate in your teacher check-ins.
    • Let your teacher know via email if you are having any problems.


    We will not be available through our classroom phone numbers during this time.  Please reach out through email.  We will be responding to email during normal school hours.  If you email in the evening, please expect a response the next school-day morning.

    Mr. Fairchild: nfairchild@greeleyschools.org

    Mrs. Blake: cblake@greeleyschools.org

    Mrs. Perry: kperry3@greeleyschools.org


    Thank you for your patienice and flexibility during this time.  See you on the web!


    Your Fourth Grade Team


    Welcome to 4th grade!

    We do things a little differently here! This year, your child will work with Mrs. Blake for math, Mrs. Perry for science and social studies, and Mr. Fairchild for writing. We have a block schedule.  Students will have one homeroom teacher, but will report to all three of us at some point in the day. Literacy will be based on the needs of your child (more on this later).

    4th Grade Team

    Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Perry and Mr. Fairchild



    4th Grade communication will be done through primarily email and the Remind app.  We will give you more information on this in the fall!


    Classroom Schedule

    8:10 - 8:15         Opening

    8:15 - 9:25         Block #1

    9:25 - 10:35       Block #2

    10:35 - 11:20     TI

    11:25 - 12:13     Specials

    12:15 - 12:55     Lunch and Recess

    1:00 - 2:20         Literacy

    2:15 - 3:30         Block #3


Meet the 4th Grade Team