7th Grade

  • Schoology 

    This year, our class will be using SCHOOLOLOGY for DAILY digital assignments throughout the year. SCHOOLOGY will be accessed with the email account your student is issued from the school. If you want to monitor your student’s online activity and see what we are doing in class, you can create your own account.

    1) Go to www.schoology.com

    2)Sign up and create a parent account.

    3) Email Mrs. Cummings to receive your individual students code.

    Homework Expectations

    • Math- Daily Homework practice (approx. 20 minutes)
    • Science/ Social Studies- Homework finishing classwork
    • Language Arts- Project every quarter and READING 20 min every night. 

    LATE WORK: All classroom work turned in past the due date is only eligible for 50% credit for two weeks past the due date.  After that two week period, and up to the end of the quarter, an assignment may be turned in, but will only be worth 1 point.

    For example, an assignment is due on March 5 and is turned in March 7, the HIGHEST possible grade for that assignment is 50% of the designated points.  If that same assignment is not turned in until May 21, the HIGHEST possible grade for that assignment is 1 point of the designated points.

    Exceptions to this policy will be made for students who have a formal plan (IEP, 504, etc.) that specifies allowances for flexible work completion dates or if a special circumstance exists that the parent or guardian of the student has communicated to the teacher (i.e. death in the family). 

    We will continue to follow our established policy for students who are ill on the day an assignment is due.  That policy is that the student will be allowed one extra day for each day sick to complete and turn in that work.  So, if a student misses 2 days of school due to illness, he/she will be allowed 2 extra days to complete and turn in the work missed

    Absences —

    We all have days that we are sick or cannot be at school that day. It is YOUR student’s responsibility to make up what you missed even if excused!  Your student will need complete that days work on Schoology.

    • Absent on a day an Assignment is due = turn in the day of return.
    • Absent when we are given a new assignment = 2 extra days to turn in.

     In our current health climate, please let teachers know any special curcumstances and we can work with you on a case by case basis. 


    1. CheckInfinite CampusParent Portal  to stay updated on your students progress. If you need support with logging in, please contact our front office at 348-1200
    2. We really try to update grades at least once a week! 


    Technology in the Classroom-

    Technology never ceases to amaze. There are so many resources out there to help deliver instruction to meet the needs of our students. It also can help communicate and share what is happening in the classroom. Of course, security and privacy are very important. So is transparency. We hope you’ll take some time to learn more about the digital tools your student may use in school, and have conversations at home around what they do online. Please have encourage appropriate behaviors and expectations. Feel free to review “District 6 Technology User Agreement” and/or visit STAYSAFEONLINE.ORG for tips and resources.


    Computer PRIDE

    P– I keep passwords private

    R -  I respect others thoughts online

    I - I only use websites or programs assigned

    D - I focus on my daily assignments

    E - I treat the computer like my Grandma!(Not to damage equipment)


    Remind app- 

    To enhance school to home communication, the 7th grade team plans to use an app called Remind. This app was designed for teachers and allows us to send reminders directly to your phone. The reminders we send will include homework assignments, upcoming projects and tests, school functions, and more.

    If you are interested in receiving these messages, follow the directions found below. Standard text messaging rates will apply. Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts and your phone number information will remain private.

    -- To sign up to receive messages, simply text @chapp2026 to this number 81010

    -- You may choose to opt out at anytime by texting the word STOP to the same number

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns! We prefer EMAIL! 

Meet the 7th Grade Team