7th Grade

  • Online School Due to State Wide Stay at Home Order Update:

    Starting Tuesday, March 31st, 2020, your 7th grade students will begin online classes at Chappelow. These classes will be an opportunity for you students to stay connected to each other, to staff, and to keep up on their academics during these unprecedented times. 

    Students need to check their student emails and parent emails in the upcoming days for specific times and schedules, but here are some general points.  




    • You only need to log on for when your Math, LA, Science, and Social Studies classes are scheduled. 
    •  ELECTIVES: You do NOT need to log in if you have an elective for that period. Instead elective teachers will be communicating with you further. 



    7th Grade SCHEDULE



    8:00 am

    Zero Hour

    8:30 am

    Period 1

    9:00 am

    Period 2

    *Mrs. Cummings Science Period 3 will attend at this time

    9:30 am

    Period 3

    10:00 am

    Period 4

    10:30 am

    Period 5

    11:00 am

    Period 6

    11:30 am

    Period 7

    12:00 pm

    Period 8

    1:00-4:00 pm


    If you have more questions teachers are available to conference with. 


    • This will be a time each day where your teacher instructs face-to-face using the Schoology video “Conference” feature. 


      1. If you can’t attend at this time students can log on and watch the conference in the “Completed” Section of Schoology. 



    • After each instruction time period, you will complete assigned activities. Your teacher will direct you as to what this is each day.



    1. OFFICE HOURS (1:00-4:00pm)- If your student has questions about the assignments they can contact teachers during this time.


    ATTENDANCE: Student attendance will be recorded everyday by 5:00 pm. This means your student needs to log into Schoology and meet at least one of the following expectations for EACH subject. 

    1. Attended the Conference at the scheduled meeting time
    2. Watched the “Completed” Conference and worked on the activity or lesson for that day. 


    We will be using Schoology everyday to deliver this instruction. Below are directions to help students to log in to the programs they will be using. Your student is familiar with logging into Clever and learning from digital programs for their classroom. Students will also use Clever or the school website to log into Schoology for course content. If your student needs help figuring out how to access Schoology please email one of your teachers. 


    Log-in:  Students should know their password. A student’s username is usually first initial, last name and possibly a number. Passwords are a student’s ID number - students usually know it as their lunch number. If you still need help with usernames and passwords, email SISHelpdesk@greeleyschools.org 


    It is best to access online resources from a Chromebook or computer. However, some accessibility is still possible via smartphones, iPads, or tablets.


    Don't forget a great way to stay connected is through the...

    Remind app- To enhance school to home communication, the 7th grade team plans to use an app called Remind. This app was designed for teachers and allows us to send reminders directly to your phone. The reminders we send will include homework assignments, upcoming projects and tests, school functions, and more.

    If you are interested in receiving these messages, follow the directions found below. Standard text messaging rates will apply. Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts and your phone number information will remain private.

    -- To sign up to receive messages, simply text @chapp2025 to this number 81010

    -- You may choose to opt out at anytime by texting the word STOP to the same number

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns! We prefer EMAIL! 




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