What to Expect in 8th Grade



    Homework Expectations

    • Math- Homework daily 20 minutes.
    • Science- Most work done in class. Projects studying notes done as homework.
    • Social Studies- Most work done in class. Projects and studying notes done as homework.
    • Language Arts- Nightly reading. Finish classwork not completed in class. 


    As an 8th grader, students are expected to write in their planner daily in all core classes. They are to write the topic of the day and any homework they have. This is a great tool for parents to see what your child learned in school and their homework. This is also a way to communicate with teachers.

    Classroom Learning

    The 8th grade team will use multiple avenues in order to give your student the best education we can provide. This will include any pertinent background knowledge necessary to understand new learnings, hands-on projects and assignments, necessary homework to strengthen skills, the usage of technology as a toll for better understanding, and much more. We as a team and as individuals are excited to have the opportunity to work with students and parents to provide the best education to each of our students.

    Transition to HIgh School and Beyond

    8th grade is a school year in and of itself, but it is also a transition year. We not only provide the education necessary for 8th grade, but also work to make the transition into high school much easier. There will be days where 8th grade will work with Mrs. Fay to help students understand their passions and interests that hopefully help students and parents choose the correct high school based on the classes offered. Throughout the year we will attend field trips to the district high schools, a career fair, and to Junior Achievement Financial Park to help students understand how important their education is.


    If you have any questions at all, please reach out via email to any of your child's 8th grade team, or to the building administration.

Meet the 8th Grade Team