• Welcome!
    My hours are 7:00-3:30 Monday – Friday and my direct number is 348-5418.  My direct fax is 348-5431. 

    How the Registrar Can Help
    • In need of transcripts (please encourage your student to order these from me on the yellow sheets on top of my desk.  I work on these only on Wednesday afternoons).
    • Records requests – please fax me at 970-348-5431
    • Withdrawing (guardians need to do this in person with the student)
    •  Enrolling a new student (must bring Proof of Address….i.e. a utility bill that was “mailed” to you within the last 30 days that shows the guardian’s name, address and date on it”
    • Transfer requests
    •   Scholarships (I print them out approx. every 2 weeks and they are also on our website to download)
    • Need to meet with your counselor:  Remember to sign up on your counselor’s sign-up sheet and then see me for a pass to return for that appt.
    • Letters of Recommendation form
    •  Free & Reduced lunch form
    Dana Anderson
    Registrar & Counseling Secretary
    Phone: (970) 348-5418