School Supply List 2022-2023

  • Welcome to a new school year! Below is a list of school supplies we are asking each student to provide. As the year goes on, please be prepared to replace or replenish your child’s supplies as needed. We do have opportunities for students to purchase supplies at school or they may complete community service in exchange for supplies if financial assistance is needed. Certain classes may have supplies in addition to these items, and students will learn of these at the start of the year.


    Required Supplies for Students in All Grades: (students should have these supplies with them every day)

    Refillable Water Bottle
    2 inch binder

    1 package of 8 dividers
    Zipper pouch/pencil bag to store supplies
    Set of ear buds to be kept in pencil bag for blended learning (students will need these when accessing digital content)
    Plenty of pencils
    1-2 packages of lined paper
    Highlighters (green, yellow, pink, blue)
    4 Spiral notebooks
    2 pocket folders
    1 box of colored pencils
    Scientific Calculator
    2 glue sticks
     ** Students will be given a planner to assist with organization


    PE- Tennis shoes and activity-appropriate clothing to be worn daily for class. Keep in mind students do not dress out for physical education courses.
    Band and Orchestra- Instrument (rentals are available). Music students will also need a Brentwood music polo that will be available for purchase later in the year.

    Classroom Supplies: These will be turned into your Core 1 teacher on the first day of school

    1 ream of white copy paper
    1 4 pack of dry erase markers
    1 roll of paper towels

    3 boxes of Kleenex