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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts: Religion Teaching Certificate Master of Arts: Missional Leadership. Graduate Certification: Educational Leadership Principal License

Mr. Nate Fairchild

This class is built on one, basic idea:

Every student will learn.

It is our goal to make sure the students learn the right lessons.

     Lesson #1: You have a right to be authentic and fully present in a classroom that values you.

     Lesson #2: You are the most powerful person in your world.  Only you can choose to learn.  Only you can choose to succeed.

     Lesson #3: You are more than a test score.  Test scores simply tell you where you are on your journey.

     Lesson #4: We are in this together.  We have a responsibility to help each other.

     Lesson #6: Failure is just another word for learning.  We do not fear failure, we embrace it and use it to grow.



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