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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts: Religion Teaching Certificate Master of Arts: Missional Leadership. Graduate Certification: Educational Leadership Principal License

Mr. Nate Fairchild

This class is built on one, basic idea:

Every student will learn.

It is our goal to make sure the students learn the right lessons.

     Lesson #1: Success is measured in three ways:  Give your best effort every day, keep a positive attitude, and never quit.

     Lesson #2: You are the most powerful person in your world.  Only you can choose to learn.  Only you can choose to succeed.

     Lesson #3: You are more than a test score.  Test scores simply tell you where you are on your journey.

     Lesson #4: We are in this together.  We have a responsibility to help each other.

     Lesson #6: Failure is just another word for learning.  We do not fear failure, we embrace it and use it to grow.


Our classroom is driven by the arts.  Every person is an artist in their own way.  We each have our own gifts and talents.  Students will show their talent by performing in plays and musicals, singing in the choir, playing their instruments or hanging their visual art on the wall in our classroom art gallery.  We will also integrate the arts in every subject area.  Music, movement, and the visual arts will be a part of almost everything we do.



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