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  • District 6 students earn AP Scholar honors

    Posted by KIM DESMOND on 8/10/2020 1:00:00 PM

    District 6 students earn AP Scholar honors


    This year, 119 Greeley-Evans School District 6 students have earned the prestigious AP Scholars award for their outstanding performance on 2020 Advanced Placement tests, with four students earning the highest distinction of National AP Scholar.


    The College Board’s Advanced Placement program offers students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses and exams while in high school. District 6 offers over 20 Advanced Placement courses to high school students. Students who score well on AP exams are eligible to receive college credit, advanced placement in college, or both at more than 3,200 colleges and universities across the United States. 


    Annually, the College Board recognizes those students who have taken multiple AP exams and scored well on them:


    • AP Scholar: Students who earned scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.
    • AP Scholar with HonorStudents who earned an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 3 or higher on at least four exams.
    • AP Scholar with Distinction: Students who earned an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 3 or higher on at least five exams.
    • National AP Scholar: Students who earned an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken and had scores of 4 or higher on at least eight exams.
    • AP Capstone Seminar and Research Certificate: Students who earned scores of three or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research, but not on four additional AP exams 
    • AP Capstone Diploma: Student who earned scores of 3 or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP exams of their choosing.


    Greeley Central High School led among District 6 high schools with 45 AP scholars this year.

    District 6 has nearly doubled the number of students achieving AP Scholar status over the past few years. In 2012, the number of AP Scholars was 57. Over the past 14 years, more than 1,100 District 6 students have been named as AP Scholars by the College Board.


    The College Board’s AP exams are developed by a national committee of college and university faculty and AP teachers, ensuring that the exams are aligned with the same high standards expected by college faculty at some of the nation's leading liberal arts and research institutions


    The 2020 National AP Scholars for District 6 are:

    • Hayden Hein, a class of 2020 graduate from Greeley Central High School
    • Indigo Parlin, a class of 2020 graduate from Greeley Central High School
    • Gianna Uyemura, an upcoming senior at Greeley Central High School
    • Mikyla Bowen, a class of 2020 graduate from Northridge High School


    The remaining 2020 College Board Advanced Placement Scholars from District 6 are listed below. Some of these students were seniors in May 2020 and will be attending colleges and universities across the United States, or engaged in other education or career opportunities.


    Greeley Central High School

    AP Scholar: Luis Barraza, Madeline Brabo, Aaron Chavez, Lynnea Doty, Kenia Gallardo, Andrea Garcia, Lilly Gloekler, Julia Guerrero, Jazzlyn Jensen, Tyler Lawrence, Alice Little, Savana Long, Grace Patrick, Yiseli Quinones, Ethan Rumann, Alexandra Sherman-Sutton, Grace Stevens, Harper Ward and Riley Wooten

    AP Scholar with Honor: Cecilia Ayard Avalos, Simon Campbell, Madrigal Frederick-Law, Cadence Heaston, Stefeny Krombholz, Eliana Mascarenas, Ariela Rodriguez and Aidan Schuttler

    AP Scholar with Distinction: Brian Davis, Armando Flores Monteneg, Lanie Freeland, Hayden Hein, Rudi Herrig, Alexandria Joseph, Michael Klemm, John Mathews, Casbah Parlin, Indigo Parlin, Lincoln Severt, Olivia Staubitz, Gianna Uyemura and Heather Yackey

    AP Seminar and Capstone Research Certificate: Lilly Gloekler


    Greeley West High School

    AP Scholar: Kathryn Broderius, Aili Gibson, Zachary Headley, Alexandra Kelly, Georgina Magana, Kinsley Mahan, James Mathews, Nathan Olson, Nizhoni Ortiz, Anuj Panta, Kendra Roth, Megan Starkey, Maliya Suntych, Hannah Thomas, Maria Villagomez and Ryan Wethington

    AP Scholar with Honor:  Gracejit Chahal, Karla Ibarra Ruiz and Meghan Whyrick

    AP Scholar with Distinction: Hannah Beresford, Valeria Cassillas Payan, Brendan McCune and Bohden Suntych


    Northridge High School

    AP Scholar: Alan Aguina Martinez, Khalil Bhanji, William Busha, Gabriel Castro, Tabitha Chatman, Jeffrey Duran, Hannah Kerkes, Jesus Lazo, Shane Loewe, Maeve Pepin, Natasha Perales, Aidan Reaves, Lillie Slykhuis, Johnathan Steckel and Sinley Zheng

    AP Scholar with Honor: Madison Van Soest and Abigail Weaver

    AP Scholar with Distinction: Mikyla Bowen, Erica Horning and Angel Lechuga Gonzalez

    AP Seminar and Research Certificate: Eduardo Ramirez, Abigail Weaver and Sinley Zheng

    AP Capstone Diploma: Angel Lechuga Gonzalez and Aidan Reaves


    Frontier Academy

    AP Scholar: Tayler Barnhart, Julia Brown, Genesis Ewell, Savannah Jones, Cooper Malone, Nathanael Roth and Leanna Thaxton 

    AP Scholar with Honor: Abigail Granrud and Kyra Pfost


    Union Colony Preparatory

    AP Scholar: Aaliyanah Hubert-Combs

    AP Scholar with Distinction: Missy A. Trigos


    University Schools

    AP Scholar: Holly Carlton, Emily Fosdick Early, Zvi Gutierrez, Phat Ho and Christopher Moses

    AP Scholar with Honor: Joshua Berntsen, Grace Doerner, Rylee Reeve and Jaedyn Vallejo

    AP Scholar with Distinction: Tina Brewer, Riley Carlson and Kylie Kravig

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  • Board of Education meeting agenda, Monday, Aug. 10

    Posted by KIM DESMOND on 8/10/2020 10:00:00 AM

    The Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education is hosting a work session and business meeting beginning at 4 p.m. Monday, August 10, 2020. 


    This meeting will be conducted in person. Seating is limited and will be provided on a first-come first serve basis. Overflow viewing of the live-streamed meeting will also be available but space is also limited. This meeting will be livestreamed on the Greeley-Schools YouTube page. Go to for a link to the live stream.

    Members of the public shall be allowed to submit requests to address the Board. Requests to speak should be submitted through the District 6 Public Participation form no later than noon on the day of the meeting. Here is the link to the Public Participation form: Those addressing an item on the Board agenda will have time to speak at the beginning of the business meeting. Those addressing items not on the agenda will have time so speak at the end of the business meeting. Each speaker is asked to limit comments to 2 minutes.


    The final determination as to whether an item will appear on the board agenda will be at the discretion of the superintendent and board president.


    Highlights of the agenda include:


    4 p.m. Work Session

    ·         BOE Discussion – Board member comments and reports

    ·         BOE Upcoming Events

    ·         COVID-19 Update from the Weld County Department of Public and Environment

    ·         Discussion of Reopening Plans

    ·         Community Engagement

    ·         Debrief Work Session


    6 p.m. Business meeting



    ·         Board of Education President announcements

    ·         Hearing of persons desiring to speak before the Board of Education

    ·         Work session report

    ·         Superintendent’s report


    Approval of the Agenda (action item)


    Consent Agenda (action item)

    ·         Minutes of the June 22, 2020 Business Meeting

    ·         Personnel report

    ·         Bond: McCauley Constructors, Inc.

    ·         Bond/MLO: Braconier Plumbing and Heating Contract

    ·         CRF: DHE Computer Systems, LLC

    ·         CRF: ALEN

    ·         Vehicle Disposal Form – Buses


    Special Items

    ·         Resolution to Definie “Actively Engaged in the Educational Process” and student attendance for the 2020-2021 school year (action item)


    Board Priorities

    ·         First read of Policy GBAB Workplace Health and Safety Protection

    ·         First read of Policy JII Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances

    ·         First read of Policy JLCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases

    ·         First read of Regulation AC-R2 Sex-Based Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Investigation Procedures

    ·         Revisions to “J:Students” policies

    ·         Revisions to AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity Policy and Regulation

    ·         Revisions to Policy EBBA Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission (Handling Body Fluids)

    ·         Revisions to Policy GBGA Staff Health (And Medical Examination Requirements)

    ·         Revisions to Policy KI Visitors to Schools

    ·         Public Participation Regarding Non-Agenda Items



    ·         Bond update (information item)



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  • District 6 Board approves budget with significant cuts

    Posted by KIM DESMOND on 6/24/2020 5:00:00 PM

    On Monday night, the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education approved the 2020-21 budget for the district, which includes a significant reduction in state funding that has necessitated budget cuts throughout the district.


    With the economic downturn caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, public schools across Colorado were told in April to brace for a significant reduction in state funding. When the School Finance Act was approved at the State Legislature this month, that reduction in funding overall amounted to $13.5 million for Greeley-Evans School District 6. This includes reductions in local revenues from the 2017 Mill Levy Override, revenues from oil and gas and some grant revenue. This is about a 6 percent overall reduction in operational funding for District 6.


    Cuts to balance the District 6 budget impacted every department and school. While every effort was made to keep the cuts away from classrooms, schools will realize the impact of some of these cuts and service levels from supporting departments may decrease.


    It is expected the reduction in state funding will continue to increase for at least the next two years as the virus continues to impact the economy and society. 


    Here is a list of some of the cuts that have been made for the coming school year:


    • Salary adjustment reduced from 4.5 percent to 2.5 percent for most teachers and support staff 

    • Minimal raise for District 6 leadership; only to cover the increase in required contribution to Public Employees Retirement Association

    • No raise for the superintendent

    • 10 percent budget reduction for every school

    • Significantly reduced instructional contracts and consulting services

    • Reduction of 31 positions in district administrators, specialists and support services

    • Reduction of at least one position at every school

    • Elimination of capital construction budget 

    • Reduction in athletics/co-curricular budget

    • Significant reduction of professional development for all district employees

    • Restrictions in professional travel for all district employees

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  • District 6 Board of Education honors volunteers

    Posted by KIM DESMOND on 6/11/2020 10:00:00 AM

    At its meeting Monday, June 8, the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education honored volunteers who have given more than 100 hours of service to the schools throughout District 6 during the 2019-20 school year. 


    Engaging more volunteers in meaningful opportunities in District 6 schools is an objective under Strengthening Partnerships in Innovation2020, the district's strategic plan. 


    Over the 12-month period of April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, 1,435 people volunteered for at least 30 minutes at 32 different school sites, a 4.4 percent increase from the 2018-2019 school year. These volunteers served a total of 30,310 hours, a 5 percent decrease from the 2018-2019 school year. This drop is not surprising, given that volunteers were not needed once school buildings were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 


    This amount of generously donated time is equivalent to $849,286 in paid help. To view a break-down of total volunteer hours by site, visit the Volunteer Website


    District 6 volunteers are parents, famiy members, college students, business leaders, retired educators and community members. They read stories, tutor students, supervise recess, organize events, facilitate extra-curricular activities, coach sports teams and mentor students. They serve as positive adult role models and trusted friends. And they partner with schools to improve student learning and achievement. 


    During the 2019-2020 school year, 53 District 6 volunteers logged at least 100 hours serving District 6 students, staff and schools, an 83 percent increase from last year's total of 29 people reaching this threshold. 


    In the past, District 6 has honored volunteers by presenting them with the President's Volunteer Service Award, which recognizes volunteers who serve at least 100 hours in their communities to make a difference in one or more of six focus areas, including education. Because of the cost of these awards and new restrictions on applications instituted by the federal government, District 6 elected not to participate in the President's Volunteer Service Award program this year, but to recognize this service in a different way. 


    Here is a list of District 6 volunteers who have provided more than 100 hours of service to schools this year, including the hours they accumulated and where they volunteered:


    • Judith Bennett, 1,178.97 hours, Dos Rios Elementary School

    • Edward Frankonis, 753.05 hours, Scott Elementary School

    • Madeline Shogren, 560.32 hours, MonfortElementary School

    • Frances Foster, 518.36 hours, FredTjardes School of Innovation

    • Kristine Perkins, 518.82 hours, Dos Rios Elementary School

    • Jessica Carver, 412.18 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Manuela Jaime Villanueva, 345.53 hours, Dos Rios Elementary School

    • Jason Encinias, 344.3 hours, Winograd K-8 

    • Julie Moningto, 324.12 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 and Dos Rios Elementary School

    • Paulette Weaver, 323.87 hours, Poudre Learning Center 

    • Morgane Dalton, 307.9 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Megan Billeaudeaux-Rhodes, 306.15hours, McAuliffe STEM Academy K-8 

    • Matilda Montgomery, 263.58 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Erin Stuehm, 258.92 hours, Winograd K-8

    • Emily Phillips, 247.17 hours, Monfort Elementary School and Winograd K-8 

    • Edward Gilliland, 239.17 hours, Poudre Learning Center 

    • Jessica Kramer, 234.53 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Jenna Linan, 229.07 hours, Centennial Elementary School

    • Nancy Hernandez, 214.95 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Samantha Martinez, 214.93 hours, Madison Elementary School

    • Kalie Audas, 201.75 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Madeline Wall, 197.32 hours, Dos Rios and Meeker Elementary Schools

    • Rebecca McMains, 190.88 hours, Meeker Elementary School

    • Michele Hudson,190.15 hours, Shawsheen Elementary School

    • Nicollette Tisdall, 187.23, Heiman Elementary School

    • Christina Seery, 186.87 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Mary Valdes, 185.8 hours, Meeker Elementary School

    • Kira Moylan, 180.87 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 and Monfort Elementary School

    • Delaney Simpson, 176.23 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Alexis Truax, 175 hours Dos Rios and Meeker Elementary schools    

    • Katherine Knudson, 165.02 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 and Shawsheen Elementary School

    • Mackenzie Markgraf, 163.75 hours, Centennial Elementary School 

    • Julissa Soto, 161.88 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 

    • Taylor Robertson, 156.05 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Nancy Robinson, 155.83 hours, Meeker Elementary School

    • Arianna Emerick, 144.58 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Emily Hamel, 137.42 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Debora Cristina Pastro Vieira, 135.3 hours, Prairie Heights Middle School 

    • Katie Van Elderen, 134.85 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Judith Gregory, 131.35 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 

    • Jordann Singer, 130.92 hours, Bella Romero Academy K-8 

    • Janet Gablehouse, 128.63 hours, Winograd K-8 

    • Julia Claudio, 126.83 hours, Heiman Elementary School

    • Stacy Maxwell, 124.48 hours, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 

    • Julie Propst-Grauberger, 109.67 hours, Fred Tjardes School of Innovation

    • Kathryn Fultz, 109.48 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Marsha Woodruff, 106.43 hours, Monfort Elementary School

    • Susan Nelson, 104.62 hours, Poudre Learning Center   

    • Melissa Menzes, 102.83 hours, McAuliffe STEM Academy K-8    

    • Yolanda Carrizalez, 102.82 hour, Chappelow Arts Magnet K-8 

    • Jeanette Cullup, 101.92 hours, McAuliffe STEM Academy K-8

    • Armando Meza Martinez, 100.82 hours, Greeley Central High School

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  • The Success Foundation Offers An Easy Way for District 6 Families to Give

    Posted by KIM DESMOND on 5/11/2020 3:00:00 PM
    The Success Foundation Serving Greeley-Evans Schools invites District 6 families to participate in Food4Success, a campaign geared to raise funds for accumulated school meal debt. 
    Prior to schools shutting down, accumulated meal debt totaled $250,000. District 6 Nutrition Services continues to feed 5,200 meals per day while schools are closed, operating at a deficit of an additional $19,000 daily. 
    District 6 Families can now donate any positive balance in their student’s lunch account to the Food4Success Campaign by completing a survey at Federal regulation prohibits the Nutrition Services Department from writing off accumulated debt. Therefore, District 6 must pay from their general fund, which is already being challenged due to the current crisis. 
    Paying off the meal debt of graduating seniors will be prioritized, giving our students and our school district one less worry during this challenging time. 
    “Providing our students with healthy meals is vital but is creating a significant deficit for our Nutrition Services Department,” stated Steve LaForest, Success Foundation Board President. “We want to help in whatever way we can and appreciate our community for their support.” 
    While only District 6 Families can donate positive meal balances, anyone can make a donation to the Food4Success Campaign by visiting Please contact The Success Foundation at if you have questions or would like additional information. Thank you!
    Contact: Julie Hill Phone: (970) 590-1748
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