• Greeley West Science Department

     Courses Taught:


       Earth Science
       Conceptual Chemistry & Physics
       Anatomy and Physiology                       Forensics Science


       AP Biology 
       AP Chemistry
       AP Environmental Science
       AP Physics 1
       AP Physics 2
       IB Biology SL
       IB Chemistry SL
       IB Physics SL


    Contact Us:

    Zach Armstrong (Profile Page)

    Currently teaches: AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, IB Physics, Earth Systems Science
    Also involved in: AP Coordinator, Science Fair (LPSEF) 

    Paul Cherry (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches: Geology, Chemistry, Forensics Science
    Ryan Knoblock (Profile Page)
    Currently Teaches: AP Biology, IB Biology, Biology
    Josh Law (Profile Page)
    Currently Teaches: Earth Science, Biology

    Ryan Pace (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches:  Earth Science, Biology
    Also involved in: Boys/Girls Tennis


    Taylor Plantt (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches: Conceptual Chemistry and Physics, Earth Science
    Also involved in: Boys/Girls Tennis


    Tony Scott (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches: Biology, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology
    Also involved in: Astronomy Club 


    Cyndi Stump (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches: AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry, Chemistry, AVID
    Also involved in: FCA 


    Corrine Yahn (Profile Page)
    Currently teaches: AP Environmental Science, Earth Science
    Also involved in: EF Tours Costa Rica