Art Club

     2016 Shirt design
    In Art club, we provide students to experience art-making opportunities that span past the classroom experience. Somethings we do are:
         *Face Painting for Spirit Days
         * Design our own Club T-Shirt
         * Create custom murals around GWHS
         * Crochet and Knit scarfs and hats to sell as fundraiser items
         * Participate in Trick-or-Treat Street
    If a student is involved in Art club for at least 2 full years, they are awarded a rainbow tassel to wear at graduation.
    We meet every Wednesday of the during first 15min of lunch in room 713. 
           At meetings, we discuss upcoming events and sign up to participating in events.



    President- TBD

    Vice-President- TBD

    Secretary- TBD


    • Dawn Feinberg