Degrees and Certifications:

    Anthony Scott
    Science Teacher
     Phone:   970-348-5456
     Room Number:   202
     Mr. Scott and Mike Shanahan

    Colorado State University graduated in 1997 with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Science and a Minor in Anatomy and Neurobiology 
    University of Northern Colorado graduated in 2009 with a Masters in Education, Teaching Linguistically Diverse Learners. 
    Both of my parents graduated from Greeley West in 1973
    I graduated from Eaton High School in 1993.
    Science Department Instructional Lead
    IB (MYP Year 4)
    Schoology/Blended Learning (PD instructor for colleagues)
    Greeley Education Association (GEA) 
    West Representative to the Teacher's Advisory Councel
    Northern Colorado Astronomical Society
    Presenter at Colorado Science Conference
    Presenter at Denver Comic Con
    Greeley West Science Department presenting the Science of Science Fiction at Comic Con
    Human Anatomy/Physiology (Blended Learning - flipped classroom model, using Schoology)
    Biology (MYP)
    Football (Broncos and CSU all the way!!)
    Movies (especially Science Fiction!) 
    Reading (Stephen King is my favorite followed by Arthur C. Clarke)
    Acrylic Pour Painting (Abstract Art)

    Clubs and Activities

    Class Coverletter/Syllibus

    Biology Semester 1 2021-2022 Syllabus

    Biology Semester 2 2021-2022 Syllabus

    Human Anatomy & Physiology 2021-2022 Syllabus

    Astronomy 2021-2022 Syllabus


    Where to Find Class Materials, Notes, Make-Up Work, ETC

    You will need to log into the Schoology online learning management system (LMS):

    Click on:  Greeley West Schoology Login Page

    When you are logged in go to the Biology course, the Human Anatomy & Physiology course, or Astronmy course depending on which one you are in (it will be the only one you have unless you are lucky enought to be taking multiple classes with me this year).

    In all of the courses you will see the following folders which I have included a discription of what they contain below:

    Schoology Assignments - anything you need to complete on Schoology will be here (which is now the majority of the assignments but you will still complete a few physically in class).

    Notes Videos - Currently only in Human Anatomy & Physiology and Astronomy, this is where you will find the video notes you need to watch and take notes from at home by their due dates so we can discuss them and answer your questions in class.

    Daily Work form class - This is were you will find folders for each week with pages inside for each day to get assignments, notes, and the agenda for what we do in class each day.

    Class Resources - This is where you will find things that will give you extra help in class.

    Disscussions - If we do any online discussions they will be found here.  I have also posted a "Questions and Answers" discussion so you can talk with classmates outside of class to get help.  If it is being used I will try to regularly check this discussion and also contribute to answering questions you have outside of class.

    Class Presentations - I will be putting in this folder any PowerPoints or Posters (pictures of the posters) that are presented by students in class so you can complete note or activities that go along with these presentations in the event you are absent or if you did not have enough time to complete the assignment.

    Tests - Here is where you will find Tests that are posted on Schoology.

    Notebook Materials - This has everything you need to set up your notebooks.