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  • School Accountability Committee (SAC)
    Role of Our SAC/PAC Team:
    1. Each school is responsible for establishing a SchoolAccountability Committee which should, at a minimum level, include thefollowing number of people in these identified positions.
      • The Principal
      • One parent who provides instruction in the school
      • Three parents of students enrolled in the school.
      • At least one adult member of an organization of parents,teachers, and students recognized by the school.
      • At least one person from the community.
    2. SAC/PAC members are responsible for the following:
      • Recommending to the principal of the school thepriorities for spending money.
      • Making recommendations to the principal concerningpreparation of a schools Performance or Improvement Plan.
      • Making recommendation to the local school boardconcerning preparations of a school’s requiring Priority Improvement or aTurnaround Plan if such a plan is required.
      • Meet at least quarterly to discuss the state of theschool and determine whether the school leadership, personnel, andinfrastructure are following the appropriate plan for improvement.

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Last Modified on November 19, 2018