• We offer a complement of math courses here at Northridge.  Students are placed within their math courses based upon their successful completion of their previous math course.  The recommended grade in which students are truly prepared for the next level is a minimum of a C but credit is earned toward graduation credit at a D.  
    Traditional pathway: Algebra 1 --> Geometry --> Algebra 2 --> Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus or College Algebra
    Advanced pathway: Geometry --> Algebra 2 -->  Trig/PC --> an AP Course
    If students enter at Algebra 2 their freshmen year: Algebra 2 --> Tri/PC --> AP Calculus --> AP Statistics and/or AP Calculus BC 
    ** New for 16 - 17: Through concurrent enrollment with Aims, we now offer MAT 121 (College Algebra) on our campus, taught by Aims professors. (Please see your counselor if you are interested and/or have questions) 
    If you need additional supports within math please contact your teacher, counselor and/or administrator. 

    Course Load for School Year 2016 - 2017
    Contact Us:
    Rhonda Campbell - Instructional Lead
    Courses: Geometry and AVID II
    Courses: Credit Recovery
    Courses: Team Taught Algebra, Team Taught Intermediate Algebra and Intermediate Algebra
    Courses: Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Informal Geometry
    Courses: Algebra 2, AOE - 9 (Intro to Engineering) & AOE -10 (3D Modeling) 
    Kristie Julien - Instructional Lead
    Courses: Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus A/B and Principles of Engineering (AOE-11)
    Courses: Algebra 1 and AP Statistics 
    Courses: Intermediate Algebra and Algebra 2
    Courses: Algebra 1, Geometry and College Algebra 
    Brenda Rangel (STEM Coordinator)