• Science courses at Northridge are rigorous and prepares students for their post-secondary goals within science degrees and fields.  Our courses are paired up with the math pathways based upon previous level success.  
    Earth Systems (Algebra 1)
    Biology (Geometry)
    Chemistry (Algebra 2) 
    Physics (Algebra 2) 
    Additional Elective Choices:
       Environmental, AP Environmental, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Physics 
       **Conceptual Chemistry & Physics (Transitional Algebra and/or teacher recommendation)  

    Contact Us:
    Eleanore Blanchard
    Courses: Biology and Earth Systems
    Ryan Evans - Instructional Lead
    Courses: Biology, Human Anatomy and AVID II
    Courses: Earth Systems, Environmental and AP Environmental Sciences
    Courses: Conceptual Chemistry & Physics, Chemistry, AP Chemistry
    Courses: Earth Science and Chemistry 
    Matt Koziol
    Courses: Biology, Human Anatomy and Science Research Technologies/Work Based Learning
    Courses: Earth Systems and Physics