• Cross Country
    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Matt Koziol
     Phone Number:  970-348-5200
     Email:  mkoziol@greeleyschools.org
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    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Jeff Fulton
     Phone Number:  970-348-5200
     Email:  jfulton@greeleyschools.org
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    Boys Golf
    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Tim Kohler
     Phone Number:  970-348-5200
     Email:  stickmangolf@gmail.com
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    Boys Soccer
    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Justin Bass
     Phone Number:  308-340-9515
     Email:  justinbass.soccer@gmail.com
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    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Tia Morenz
     Phone Number:  970-590-8407
     Email:  softballpassion24@gmail.com
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    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Tiffany Kredo
     Phone Number:  970-348-5200
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    Boys Tennis
    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Kay Hanson
     Phone Number:  970-348-5200
     Email:  khanson@greeleyschools.org
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    Coach photo
     Name of Coach: Tonya Davies
     Phone Number:  970-590-1742
     Email:  tonyad@greeleyschools.org
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