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Degrees and Certifications:

Associates Degree: General Science (FRCC) Bachelors Degree: Biology Major, Chemistry Minor (UCD) Masters Degree: Instructional Leadership with Teaching License (CSU) Education Specialist Degree: Administration Policies & Studies with Administration License (UCD) Doctoral Degree: Curriculum, Innovations and Education Reform (UNC)

Dr. Insoon Olson



Please know that email is the best way to get in contact with me. I check my office voicemail once a day, in the evening, as I do my best to be out in the hallways and classrooms when school is in session.


Welcome to school year 2019 - 2020!  Not only is it my 20th year in education (16th as administrator) it is also Northridge's 20th Anniversary!  It is my seventh year, and I am so excited for all the amazing things that our students and staff will accomplish this year.  I absolutely contribute it to the amazing staff and awesome students!  This is the first time in a long time that none of the grade levels have had a principal other than me.  I am very fortunate to continue to call Northridge High School, my home away from home.   

There are two major initiatives to this school year; a new bell schedule and Grizzly Advisory.  The new bell schedule moved us to a later start each day and a consistent schedule.  We now have a straight eight period day with one of the classes being Grizzly Advisory for all staff and students.  Classes are a maximum of 50 minutes and students get to see their teacher every day.  We no longer have block days.  We will continue to collect data for the District in the hopes that all High School's would move to a later start time in the future.  


Our Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) will have two major focuses for this year: Academic Achievement and Culture & Climate.   

Increasing Academic Achievement for every student:

  • Providing students with many opportunities to learn and hone in on skill sets (such as critical and creative thinking, problem solving, working in teams, and other 21st Century skills) enhanced through high quality content.
  • Focus on increasing mathematics and literacy performance for all students.
    • Additional opportunities for students who need more support.
  • Purposefully preparing our students for success on standardized assessments: PSAT, SAT, PARCC and AP.

Positive & Productive Culture & Climate:

  • Post-secondary & workforce readiness plans for every student.
    • Career & Life Choices (CLC) & Career and Academic Planning (CAP) for all 9th and 10th grade students.
    • Personalized learning plans. 
    • Junior & Senior Check-in's (credits and graduation) with counselors.
    • Naviance (software) access for students, parents and staff.
  • Grizzly Advisory is broken down in to three areas:
    • The Grizzly Way Days: Specific activities (focused on the five attributes) which provide students opportunities to learn and enhance the community at large.  Students will learn what it means to be a Northridge Grizzly and actively promote a positive and productive culture within our school.
    • Need Based Days: Targeting interventions (additional support and/or extension opportunities), embedded time to complete assignments, get help from content level teachers, credit recovery, online courses and specific opportunities based upon student's plan through high school.  We will also provide support to post-secondary and workforce readiness goals.  Our LINK leaders will provide intervention support to Freshmen as the bond was formed on their first day of school, Thursday, August 18th. 
    • Activity/Club Days: Every student and staff is involved in an activity and/or club.  We firmly believe that students (and staff) who are engaged in activities outside of the traditional classroom will be more successful during their time in high school.  With students who are actively involved in extra-curricular activities after school can also now enjoy participating during the day.  

This year, we are being deliberate and purposeful in providing opportunities for students and staff to learn and model appropriate behavior around the five attributes.  These attributes will continue to guide the work we do with students, families and faculty this year.  


The five attributes are:  Respect     Responsibility     Integrity     Determination     Caring


'We ARE Northridge!'


Professional Background:

Science Teacher (3 years) at Skyline High School (Assistant Volleyball & Basketball Coach)

Science Teacher (1 year), Dean of Students (1 year), Assistant Principal (8 years) at Silver Creek High School

Principal (in 7th year) at Northridge High School