About the Teacher

Phone: 970-348-3456


Degrees and Certifications:

Cailey Yinger

Special Education Teacher - 6th Grade


I'm Mrs. Yinger, and I am so excited for the 2019-2020 school year. Heath is my second family, and there isn't any other place I would rather teach at! This will be my 6th year at Heath. 


I support a wide range of student needs inside the general education classroom and through my resource room. I love collaborating with my colleagues in order to provide students with instruction and strategies to meet their needs as well as act as their voice in order to advocate for what students need. 


Classes Taught:


Core X - This class is a study skills and "double dip" period. We will focus on best practices to ensure student growth and development as well as provide a space to access further support in order to complete assignments/projects from other classes. Students will also work on pre-learning any content (vocabulary, math equations, etc.) needed for success in their regular language arts and/or math classes as well as review from what was learned in those classes previously. 


Advisory - SEL - This advisement class focuses on building relationships with my students and creating a community-like culture within the classroom. We participate in connection circles and participate in check-ins about our week, things on our mind, and other topics. 


Team-Taught Math and Language Arts - This school year, I will be teaching alongside a general education math teacher (Mr. Gonzalez) for 2 periods as well as a general education language arts teacher (Mr. Casados) for 2 periods. We will share instructional responsibilities for a single group of students in one classroom. By doing so, we are able to reach multiple students through collaboration and shared ideas. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or either of my co-teachers! Thanks for stopping by!