• Spelling Bee Coming to Centennial!bee

    We are enrolled in the spelling bee! Interested kids will still take the 25 word spelling test during the week of January 15th, and the top 25-30 students on that test will advance to the oral bee, to be held in February. The winner of the Centennial oral spelling bee will automatically be eligible for the Colorado State Bee in Denver.
    Spelling study lists are available in the library on the shelves near the "Battle of the Books" books. Help yourself!

    You might want to watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee (Rated PG) to help get inspired.






    Another great spelling movie is the documentary, Spellbound. If you like the trailer, you can watch the entire movie on YouTube.


    Most of the work for the bee will need to be done by students on their own time. There are suggested lists for each grade level. I would suggest studying the appropriate list(s) for your child’s grade level, and move up from there. These lists don't include all of the possible words, but they are a good start. Your child's classroom teacher has access to all of the lists for all grades, as well as the combined 1st-8th grade lists.
    ( ALL students will be tested on 3rd THROUGH 8th grade words)

    If your child masters all of the words on the grade level list, your child can ask his/her teacher for  a document (The Spell It booklet) that gives spelling tips and tricks to kids who are more serious about spelling.  It explains word derivations from different countries.  (In the national bee, or in Akeelah and the Bee, remember how the national spellers ask for a “definition” and the “language of origin?”  This helps you prepare for that.) 


    If interested, your child will take the written test and the vocabulary test at school sometime in January.

    I will sort them out and invite the top 25-30 to the oral bee during school in February (parents/families invited).  The winner of that bee will go to the Colorado state bee in Denver!

    NEW! Check out this website to help you practice for the spelling test and bee. It has audio links to listen to the pronunciation of the word, and includes language of origin, definitions, and more! Click Here to try it out (click on Test My Spelling Skill)! 

    Try The Spelling Bee site, which has audio support and context for the spelling words. At this site, kids need to type in the words that they hear spoken in the story that is provided.

    Here are some suggestions from the Spell It! website:

    For a classroom, grade level or school-wide spelling bee:

    • Step One: Students should first learn the 100 study words for their grade level. Teachers provide the study words to students. Teachers may obtain the study words by logging into spellingbee.com and clicking on Student Materials (or just use the lists above).
    • Step Two: When your students master the 100 study words for their grade level, they are ready to learn the study words for all other grade levels.
    • Step Three: When your students master the study words for grade levels 1–8, they may get a head start on the next level of competition by learning the words in Spell It! (ask your teacher for this list)

    For a district, county, city, regional or state spelling bee:

    • Step One: Ensure that your school spelling champion knows the study words for grade levels 1–8.
    • Step Two: When your school spelling champion masters the study words for grade levels 1–8, s/he is ready to learn the words and do the activities in Spell It! (ask your teacher for this list)
    • Step Three: When your school spelling champion masters the words in Spell It! (ask your teacher for this list), s/he is ready to expand his spelling skill set by playing the fun word games at Merriam-Webster's Word Central.