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    AP Courses Offered at WestAP College Board Graphic
    AP Biology taught by Mr. Knoblock  and Mr. Pace
    AP Chemistry taught by Mrs. Stump
    AP Economics - Macro & Micro taught by Mr. Paulson
    AP English Language taught by Mrs. Schneider 
    AP English Literature taught by Mrs. Tuttle
    AP Environmental Science taught by Mrs. Yahn
    AP Human Geography taught by Mr. Falter and Mr. Paulson
    AP Music Theory taught by Mr. Arthur
    AP Physics 1 taught by Mr. Armstrong
    AP Physics 2 taught by Mr. Armstrong
    AP Computer Science Principles
    AP Psychology taught by Mr. Wagner
    AP Spanish
    AP Statistics taught by Mr. Torrez
    AP U.S. History taught by Ms. Sanford
    AP U.S. Government and Politics taught by Mr. Dietz

    By taking the AP exam, you are not just distinguishing yourself in high school and in the college admissions process; you are building the critical thinking, time management, and perseverance skills you will need throughout your experience in college.  For any AP designated course, you are expected to take the corresponding AP exam in May.  Although you may be able to earn college credit by passing the AP exam, you should focus on the learning of the course to prepare you to be a successful learner in college.  If you choose not to take the AP exam you teacher may require you to take an additional cumulative exam.