FMS Bank

    Thank you to FMS Bank for hosting Greeley West High School’s AP Exams.  

    Your guide to the AP Program and Exams is here.  Check out the AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents linked below.
    To pay for AP exams you can use the webstore on the school website or in person in the financial office.  The anticipated cost per exam is $94 or $15 if you qualify for fee reduction.
    AP Courses Offered at WestAP College Board Graphic
    AP Biology taught by Mr. Knoblock 
    AP Chemistry taught by Mrs. Stump
    AP Economics - Macro & Micro taught by Mr. Paulson
    AP English Language taught by Mrs. Schneider 
    AP English Literature taught by Mrs. Bayens 
    AP Environmental Science taught by Mrs. Yahn
    AP Human Geography taught by Mr. Falter and Mr. Paulson
    AP Music Theory taught by Mr. Arthur
    AP Physics 1 taught by Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Plantt
    AP Physics 2 taught by Mr. Armstrong
    AP Psychology taught by Mr. Wagner
    AP Spanish taught by Mrs. San Roque
    AP Statistics taught by Mr. Torrez
    AP U.S. History taught by Ms. Sanford 
    AP U.S. Government and Politics taught by Mr. Conner 

    By taking the AP exam, you are not just distinguishing yourself in high school and in the college admissions process; you are building the critical thinking, time management, and perseverance skills you will need throughout your experience in college.  For any AP designated course, you are expected to take the corresponding AP exam in May.  Although you may be able to earn college credit by passing the AP exam, you should focus on the learning of the course to prepare you to be a successful learner in college.  If you choose not to take the AP exam you teacher may require you to take an additional cumulative exam. 

    The cost for each exam is $94 or $15 for those who qualify for fee reduction (must qualify by December 1, 2018; prices subject to change).  Payment plans and additional fee assistance are available if needed.  All fees will be placed on the student’s fee account with the school and can be paid through the webstore on the school website or in person in the financial office.  Payment for exams should be made by Friday, March 29th, 2019. 

    All students enrolled in an AP course on February 22nd, 2019 will be registered to take the AP exam.  If you and your parents do not wish for you to take the exam, you must complete the AP exam Opt-Out form by February 22nd, 2019.  If you are registered for an exam but do not sit the exam, you will be charged a test return fee of $15.  If you would like to take an AP exam for a subject you are not enrolled you will need to complete the AP Exam Opt-In form by February 22nd, 2019.  All forms can be picked up and returned to the main office.




    Exam Dates May 2019


    Morning (7:45 – 12:00)

    Afternoon (11:45 – 4:00)

    Monday, May 6

    US Government

    Environmental Science

    Tuesday, May 7

    Spanish Language

    Physics 1

    Wednesday, May 8

    English Literature

    French Language

    Thursday, May 9



    Friday, May 10

    US History

    Physics 2

    Monday, May 13



    Tuesday, May 14

    Calculus AB & BC

    Human Geography

    Wednesday, May 15

    English Language


    Thursday, May 16



    Friday, May 17

    Microeconomics & Music Theory


    Late exam times are available if required, may have additional fee.


    For questions or concerns please contact Amy Zulauf, Assistant Principal, 970-348-5410, azulauf@greeleyschools.org or Zach Armstrong, AP Coordinator, zarmstrong@greeleyschools.org.