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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University (majors: PE & Dance; minor: English); Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix (Education: Curriculum & Instruction)

Ms. Tiffany Kredo

9th grade English Language Arts 

9th & 10th grade Physical Education


Important Information:

This school year, in your 9th grade Language Arts class, you will be REQUIRED to read an independent reading BOOK of your choice (at your reading level) at the beginning of class every day and for homework in order to improve your reading skills/strategies, critical thinking skills, and reading stamina. You will have access to the Aims library, both physically and online. However, it is highly recommended that you get a PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD as soon as possible in order to check out a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts to satisfy this in-class and homework requirement over the course of this school year, which will be about 8-10 different books. 


Supply List 

(It's ideal that you have the items listed below, but not necessarily required. PLEASE COME TO SCHOOL WITH SOME KIND OF ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM! Stuffing papers into the void of a backpack will sabotage your success.)

- Public Library Card

- Independent Reading Book of your choice at your current reading level (Your Choice: Fiction chapter book, non-fiction informational book, graphic novel, biography/autobiography, etc. Feel free to start reading this book as soon as you get it!)

- Aims Planner/Agenda (Ask for one!) OR Personal paper Planner OR cell phone app to record due dates, homework, etc.

- 2" 3-ring Binder (Please make sure it is 2" thick - not bigger, not smaller!)

- Lots of #2 Pencils (mechanical pencils recommended with lots of 0.7 lead)

- Fun-Colored pens for occasional use (taking notes, revising, editing, etc)

- Highlighters (ideally: one green, one yellow, one pink)

- Pencil Pouch (used for all classes)

- Loose-leaf notebook paper (ideally, college-ruled)

**If you cannot get the above supplies for whatever reason, please let me know as soon as possible so I can help you get what you need to succeed! We have lots of supplies at ECA to give you! :)



Qualifications of Instructor: 

Ms. Kredo has been teaching for 24 years. She has two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University (majors: PE & Dance; minor: English) and a Masters Degree in Education: Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Phoenix. She started out teaching 9th & 10th grade English, 9th-12th Dance, and 9th grade Physical Education for two years at Cathedral City High School near Palm Springs, California. Her next stop was San Diego where she taught 9th grade English and 9th-12th Dance for three years at El Cajon Valley High School. Ten years after that she happily endured 6th graders: four years at West Middle School in Aurora, Colorado teaching 6th grade Reading/Writing Workshop in a block schedule, five years at Niver Creek Middle School in Thornton teaching 6th grade Literacy/Language Arts, and one year at Northglenn Middle School in Northglenn teaching 6th grade Language Arts in a block schedule using the Workshop model. 


Legend High School in Douglas County (Parker, CO) was the next stop where Ms. Kredo taught 9th grade English and 11th grade American Tapestries (English) briefly as a Titan. Before being an honored part of the inaugural staff at Early College Academy, she was introduced to Weld District 6 through Northridge High School where she taught 9th grade Honors English, 11th grade American Literature & Composition, and AVID. This is her eighth year at ECA and she loves every minute of it, especially the engaged students!


Ms. Kredo holds a Colorado Professional Teacher License, is highly qualified to teach 6-12 English Language Arts, and K-12 Physical Education, and takes professional development courses on a regular basis in order to give her students the best education possible. (She takes her career as a teacher very seriously!) Currently, she lives in Windsor with her amazing fiance, John, and beautiful Husky rescue dog named Mocha. Ms. Kredo, in her free time, loves LOUD music with intense bass (favorites: R&B/classic & modern rock), spontaneous dancing and singing, drumming on her kitchen counter, running, and walking her dog. She also thoroughly enjoys rock climbing, SCUBA diving, and hot air ballooning, which she has tried before, and surfing and skydiving, which she has yet to try.



Ms. Kredo sponsors Dance Club after school. If you LOVE to dance, please join us! (No prior experience necessary.)


Ms. Kredo also sponsors Performing Arts Club after school. If you LOVE to act, get laughs, and be dramatic, come find out what we have going on! (No prior experience necessary.)


We shall see what DANCE CLUB & PERFORMING ARTS CLUB will look like FOR THE 2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR! Once we get the clubs started in September, the members will decide the day(s) each week to meet after school. Typically, at the end of the school year in April, both clubs will put on a combined evening performance. And, we will perform our routines (Dance Club) and short play (Performing Arts Club) for the student body during a Talent Show assembly.