ECA Library

  • The Library is where the library bookcases and the librarian, Professor Hoffer, are located, in Room 122A.
    Students can borrow books from the ECA library, the AIMS campus library, and various libraries throughout Colorado through the college's intra-library loan system.
    Books and other materials students place on hold will be sent to ECA where the student can pick up and later drop off their loans. For more information on how to borrow a book, click on the "Library Help" tab to the left.

ECA Reading Program

    1. Fill in book spines with the names of books you’ve read this school year! (August 2022—May 2023)
    2. You CAN count books you read for class if you read the entire book.
    3. eBooks, comic books, manga, and audio books WILL count towards total number. (Elementary picture books sadly, will not.)
    4. 3 Volumes of a Manga / Graphic Novel = 1 book
    5. 100 episodes of online WebToons = 1 book
    6. See Professor Hoffer for prizes after reading 5 books, 10 books, and 20 books!
    7. Each prize will also enter you into a drawing to win a $25 Amazon gift card, to be awarded to a random winner in May.
    8. CHALLENGE ENDS MAY 6, 2022.


Current Book Recommendation

  • Wilder Girls, by Rory Power

Learning Commons
Chelaine Hoffer
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    Degrees and Certifications
    BA: English Education Composite
    MA: Information and Learning Technologies - School Library

    About the Instructional Librarian
    My name is Chelaine Hoffer, and I'm the instructional librarian for the Learning Commons at ECA. I've earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Education and a Master of Arts degree in Information and Learning Technologies - School Library from the University of Colorado at Denver. During my years in education, I've taught both Language Arts in the classroom and Information Literacy in my role as teacher librarian, as well as simultaneously serving as my school's Technology Coordinator.