• Dear Students;

    I miss being in the library with you. I miss watching you look for books that you want to read, along with the books that make your teachers proud of how much you have learned this year. I wish that you still had access to our library, because I know a good book is an excellent way to pass the time while we are quiet while people are working from home. Our friends at Mid-America Books/ ABDO know this too, and have offered to provide their eBooks to us to use for free while we can't be in our school. 

    Please visit this link: ABDO eBooks to find books to keep you engaged, entertained, and learning while we aren't together.

    We all miss you guys, but hope you are staying healthy, washing your hands, and eating good food. Please, email us if you need anything. We're watching our emails.

    Happy reading!

    Mrs. Strickland

  •  SOAR


    We show those things with our actions and choices. We are safe, walking through the library, and using shelf markers the right way. We are organized by returning our books on time, and taking good care of the books we've borrowed. We are achieving by reading books in our level every day, and occasionally reading books that challenge us. We respect the library by treating others with courtesy and kindness, taking good care of our materials, and returning books to the bin with the red arrow labeled “✔ ins.” We are responsible by returning everything we've borrowed from the library, and by keeping library materials away from food, liquids, pets, and babies.